Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Queen of the desert

Yesterday I met my friends after work centrally. I took them to Chinatown to try the ‘local’ Chinese cuisine and then we headed to the Palace Theatre to watch ‘Priscilla: Queen of the Desert’ as planned. I had booked the tickets two weeks in advance and we had fairly good sits in the stalls. In general the play was brilliant. The story is not something phenomenon. It’s just a road trip of 3 drag queens. However the music is very uplifting and the actors have nice voices.The thing that really is captivating is the costumes! I have no idea who made them, but to be honest they are a work of art! You have to see them to believe them:

To good thing is that the girls loved it. It was a big West End production that mesmerized you. On the way back I took them to see ‘Waxy O’Connors’ pub which used to be a church. There is inside even the tree that used to be outside the church’s entrance.

By the time we got back the family was already in the bedroom trying to put little ‘C’ to sleep, so I didn’t see them at all!

I’m now thinking today’s course of action…


  1. I have always liked Waxy's. It's a crazy place and just seems to go on and on.

    Never suggest to someone that you will meet them there - you wouldn't find them!

  2. I can hardly wait till the play comes here so that I can go see it!

  3. @Stephen Chapman. I always try to take visitors to Waxy. I believe it is worth it. It's even crazier for the religious Greeks to see a converted church into a pub...

    @Jim You should go and see it. It's a fun night out