Friday, 2 July 2010

Things to come

I’ve been having a quiet week these days. Probably it’s because of the very tiring weekend, having a toll on me. I haven’t been sitting totally idle though. I’ve been planning things for the future.

Following my last year’s very successful 10k run for Cancer Research UK in Finsbury Park, I’ve decided to do the same this year. When I say successful, I don’t mean that I broke a personal record or anything but I did enjoy the atmosphere very much. So, I’ve registered again this year, to try to break my last year’s record and try to raise more money for them. Moreover, this year’s run will take place in a different Park which will be very nice to see. I respect ‘Cancer Research’s work very much and it’s always a pleasure trying to help them.

Leaving the dry land, I’ve registered again to do the first course in the swimming pool of the diving school. My housemate the last time we went, she couldn’t make it and I volunteered to go with her again. It’s a fun hour to spend underwater anyway and it might be beneficial. I’ve already registered to take the second part of the course end of July and go dive in the lake for the exams beginning of August. In the meantime, I’m still struggling to finish the open-water-diving manual. There are so many things mentioned there that I cannot completely remember because I lack the experience. They are based on things that probably most divers remember by heart because they’ve repeatedly done / checked them.

On the nearer future, it’s Pride weekend for London! So, most likely tomorrow I’m headed to see the parade in central London. Unfortunately ‘JJ’ is working which will make it a little difficult for him to join us for the day, but I hope he will come at least for a while. I don’t think I’ll follow the celebrations at night time. I like going to clubs from time to time, but I am not in the mood at the moment. Especially during this weekend, most gay clubs will have parties that will be far too crowded for my taste. Maybe I am just getting old. However, I plan to see the parade, go to Trafalgar Square to check if there is something interesting going on and probably wonder around Soho. I think that there will be some kind of street party going on with lots of people around so it would be fun to go.


  1. So - land, water and pride - sound like alot's going on. 10 K is quite a bit too run - I don't like running that much - I don't like pushing myself because once I am done with the pressure of work I want everything else to not be such a challenge - does that make sense?

    Also - like I mentioned - diving is great here - did you manage to check out the diving in Cayman?

    And too old for pride - dude you're not 30 right?

  2. Exactly. Getting old? Good grief Nik :-)

  3. @SteveA I have managed to check Cayman when you first suggested. It looks amazing. I don't think it's for an amateur diver though. I don't know. It looks beautiful and dangerous at the same time. I'd love to see it at some point in my life...

    @Dyl I did go out at the end. :-p