Tuesday, 20 July 2010


This Sunday we decided to treat ourselves a little bit and we booked a table at the ‘Blue Elephant’. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an amazing Thai place. They serve a buffet lunch every Sunday which can really be amazing. In most cases, the main courses are not something spectacular but the cocktails and starters are always a very nice treat.

While I was serving myself for the third (I think) time, I saw a young couple right next to us. They appeared in their late twenties, early things, good looking and having one of their first dates. What stroke to me as very weird was the T-shirt; the guy was wearing, which was the following in brown:

It made me wonder. It really can’t be their first date! He wouldn’t wear something like that, would he? If I was in her place would I be offended? Then, I remembered Hugh Grant’s flatmate from ‘Notting Hill’ and the t-shirt he wanted to wear for his date.

So, I googled and I found some t-shirts that you probably shouldn’t wear on a first (gay or straight) date, especially a blind one.

Fortunately, I never was in a similar situation. Once or twice one of us was slightly overdressed compared to the other one, but that is not a major problem…


  1. I don't like tee-shirts for a date! Especially ones that has some wierd form of humour!

  2. I agree with you about the ones with humour /statements on them. I would wear a simple t-shirt though on a warm day.

  3. I think no human being needs to be gay to know that t-sh(r)its for a date is JUST WRONG! lol
    Anyway, those t-shirts are funny =)