Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Birthday Boy

It’s ‘JJ’ birthday in a couple of days. He is a cancer, whatever that might mean. I had to google it to see if we’re compatible. I know. After being together for almost 8 months, I think it is time now to do it. Because if according to the stars we aren’t compatible, I would so break up with him. Anyway, I found a web site just for gay horoscopes. It’s called homostrology (catchy). It’s only for gay men though, not for women (sorry). There is the equivalent of lestrology though…

According to that very accurate site, a Cancer Gay man is moody, introvert and sensitive. They can be very good listeners, dependable on an emergency and allergic to drama. They do not like messy scenes. They are people for a serious relationship and not for a casual fling. Dating a Cancer is best reserved for those who have the stamina for an emotional roller coaster, a relationship prone to be more heart-to-heart than body-to-body.

I am not going to comment on how accurate that is at this momment. Some things are very different and some things are spot on. I then checked on Gay Pisces (me). I am supposed to be a highly creative and emotional person, I am daydreaming all the time and a serial monogamist. I am a social butterfly and anything but constant! Yeah, right...

The bottom line is that the compatibility chart says that Pisces and Cancers are the Perfect Partners. I can open the bottle of champagne now. Does that mean that I will have to buy him a present now?

OK, according to ‘JJ’ there should be no celebration-present-giving fiestas. He would like to forget about the whole thing, not talk to anyone about how old he’s becoming and all that drama. I slightly have other plans though.

On the day of his birthday we will be working different hours so we will not see each after work. So, I’ve planned a pre-birthday celebration the day before. That day is his day off. I’m going to take some time off work so we can meet early in the afternoon. If he agrees I’ll take him for some bowling. He has mentioned in the past that he’d love to play. I think it’ll be a fun thing to do. Otherwise we’ll wander around for coffee and lunch, shopping etc. For that evening we have ‘Penn and Teller’ tickets. I didn’t know much about them but ‘JJ’ said he’d like to go and see them, so… I’m also taking him for a nice dinner before the show.

‘JJ’ thinks that that’s the end of his birthday celebration. What he doesn’t know (yet) is that I’ve also booked an aromatherapy treatment in one of London’s most amazing spas. Because I am a very selfless person, I will sacrifice myself and go with him. I don’t want him to feel lonely there. I know, that is the type of person I am. So, the following Saturday I’m taking him swimming, getting a nice massage and being well treated.

I’m off to buy a birthday card now…


  1. oh wow. i must go check out that site :)

    ps - i'm also pisces. haha.

  2. I too have a birthday in a fews days (40th)... and gay astrology is for Cancer is so true...hehehe

  3. you decide when a relationship go perish or linger! i don't trust a mere astrologist...or Paul the octopus.

    happy happy B'day to JJ and you NIK. May God blessed you every single day.

  4. I'm Sagitarius - I hope the astrology says good things....enjoy your spa day and love the one you're with xoxoxox!

    Happy birthday to JJ!

  5. great post :)
    according to the compatibility chart, my husband and i are perfect partners, too (taurus and virgo). and they pretty much nailed it on our respective personalities!

  6. @Wozzel I remember. Our birthdays are just a few days apart...

    @Kelly Happy birthday to you!!!!!

    @Suf_n_Steve Oh come on. Do not speak ill of Paul! :-) Thank you!!!

    @SteveA I have many Sagittarius friends. We get along quite well... Thanks.

    @chuch You see? Homostrology doesn't lie...

  7. I'm amused by this site (Virgo).

    Have fun. :-)