Friday, 16 July 2010


So, ‘JJ’s birthday passed. I think we had quite a nice time and he enjoyed it. ‘Penn and Teller’ was nice. I’ve never been to a similar show and I have to say I enjoyed it. Not all of the tricks or ‘scenes’ were interesting but overall it was fun. I do not know if I’ll go to something similar again but I’m happy I went to see them even once. What I liked best was the fact that both the magicians after the end of the show were outside waiting for the fans to talk to and sign autographs while it was slightly raining. What I liked the least was the lack of air conditioning in the Hammersmith Apollo. After the first half an hour it was boiling hot. I really don’t know why they don’t upgrade their venues. I don’t think I’ll ever go back there during summer…

Apart from that, we’ve enjoyed walking around while doing some shopping (or at least trying to) and having nice dinner in a favourite Japanese place of ours. I mentioned that we tried doing some shopping, because JJ wanted to buy something from ‘Superdry’ that he saw a couple of weeks ago but decided to wait for the sales to buy it. We were put off however by one of the saleswomen who mentioned to us with quite a snobbish attitude that ‘We? We NEVER do sales! Never!’ implying that I insulted her by even asking! I really hate it when I’m all happy trying to buy something and a salesman pretends that he’s doing me a favour by allowing me to be in his shop, ruining it for me. Fortunately that is no the case in most shops, but it does happen sometimes. So, we simply left even if JJ was about to buy the stuff he wanted and also buy me a nice t-shirt. There are other places to go shopping. We will find what we want…

The celebrations are not over though. I have booked an aromatherapy full body massage in a nice spa tomorrow, early in the afternoon. We plan to go there earlier to enjoy the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi and sauna. That will be my first time having a professional massage. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before to be honest. After that I’m arranging a small surprise party for JJ with close friends to have a couple of drinks and cake. I hope he likes it (and he’s not expecting it)…

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that tomorrow I’ve been talked into by my housemate and her sister to have a tarot reading. We’ve booked a full tarot reading (whatever that might mean) that will last a whole hour for each one of us. What I found hilarious is the fact that you get an audio CD with the session! Technology meets magic!!! That way you can listen again the prognosis and understand it (?) better… I’ll let you know that will go next week.

Yes, It's all about trying new stuff this weekend...


  1. Sounds like fun! I'm SURE you'll have a great time. Relax and enjoy. :-)

  2. Enjoy the massage and remember to just close your eyes and drift away!

  3. Oh. sounds like fun... and yeah, drift away! I've had two now; one in Vegas over a vacation, and one to work out some tension in my neck, and man, are they awesome...

    Guy or girl therapist? ;-)

  4. I don't like snobby sales people either. Boo!

  5. @AJohnP thanks

    @SteveA I'll try to. I don't think it will be that difficult

    @Gauss_Jordan Girl. Why? It's supposed to be relaxing... :-p

  6. @Nik: Men have stronger hands... ;-)

  7. Man, I missed reading your blog.
    Having no regular access to the internet suck big time.

    I was checking the gay horoscope website you gave in the last post and my man, who is a Virgo, is quoted as being the perfect Capricorn partner (can I cry of happiness now?).

    Anyway, Capris are always described and being the devil, who writes that is such a loser, lol.

    Anyway, it's really good to see that you are doing fine.
    Hope you had an amazing time with your man at the massage thingy and I hope you recover from the abb-muscle-soreness asap.

    Cheers ;)

  8. @Gauss_Jordan I thought your answer would be slightly naughtier than that...

    @Pedders I'm glad to see you're back. Yes, I had a really nice weekend (post to be uploaded later). Take care...