Thursday, 29 July 2010

Saltimbanco and other reviews…

We watched Saltimbanco by ‘Cirque du Soleil’ yesterday and I have to say I loved it. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was positively surprised. Some of the acrobatics they are doing are amazing. They make them seem so easy! The whole show is a colour feast with humour, nice music, great performances and breathtaking stunts. I especially liked the taking part of simple spectators, the “Chinese Poles”, the “Duo Trapeze” and the “Bungees”. I also loved the fact that things where happening in the background and around the central performers by the rest of the cast. I don't believe that any image can capture the atmosphere of the show, which I think is a must-see.

Chinese Poles

Duo Trapeze

We also watched ‘Inception’ the other day. It was quite good. My friend ‘gb’ was disappointed because he wanted something slightly more intellectual or mentally changeling. I don’t know how he got the idea that he would watch some kind of a Kieslowski movie. Inception is something like ‘Matrix’, a very good action movie to watch in the big screen with pop corn and cola. The music, the direction, the photography and acting keep you on your toes for the duration of the movie even if the ending is slightly expectable. I especially loved Cotillard and Ellen Page. I wasn’t very impressed with DiCaprio’s acting. Overall it’s an entertaining action movie to watch.

On a different subject, I started reading the new version of “The Avengers” by Marvel. After everything that is happening (“Civil War”, “Secret Invasion”, “Dark Reign” and “The Siege”) new teams are being assembled entering the ‘Heroic Age”! Between the different teams, I randomly picked the main one, “The Avengers”. I know that there is a movie coming out and I thought that the best people would work on the title to prepare fans for the movie. I was unfortunately wrong.

After the third comic, I have to say that I will probably abandon the title yet again. I was not impressed by the artwork or the storyline. The appearance and disappearance of Wonder Man (what the?), the battle with Apocalypse (was that it?) and the realisation that the time continuum is broken are presented in such a way that I am left uninterested. I also have objections on the selection of the characters (Wolverine also in this title? Two spiders? Hawkeye playing simply the role of a bystander?). I might give the title another chance or two, but I can’t see myself continue reading it for long…


  1. Greg and I keep talking about seeing Inception. Maybe tonight...

  2. @Cubby So? Did you go to see it? Did you like it?