Monday, 19 July 2010

The Reading…

I had quite an interesting weekend. I totally loved mine and JJ’s visit on Saturday morning to the spa. We spent more than 1.5 hours going in and out of the long swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and warm relaxing pool of the gym before having our massages at the spa. Although it was my very first aromatherapy massage and I don’t have something to compare it with, I quite enjoyed it.

I was right there two days ago

What I would like to comment more though is the tarot reading I had on Saturday afternoon. I arrived at a block of flats somewhere in Northern London in time, and I was let in to the reader’s kitchen. I had to wait there for a short while since the previous client (my housemate) hadn’t finished. The kitchen looked pretty normal to me. There weren’t any jars with bat’s ears, rabbit legs or lizard skin. There weren’t any small weird tubes and pots, or cauldron with steam coming out of it. The whole place looked quite normal. The only thing I did notice was the fact that the place needed some dusting…

After a short while, my housemate and psychic (can I call her that?) exited the room they were in. She was a little bit short, barefoot dressed in jeans and simple blue t-shirt. She had short brown hair and a nice, welcoming, smile. She informed me that she needed 5 to 10 minutes to clear her head so I chatted a bit with my housemate and her prognosis…

After those 5 minutes were up I said goodbye to my friends and I followed Emma (let’s call her that) to a nice, spacious, warm sitting room. A large triple window was making the room quite bright and the deep orange colour on the walls made me feel relaxed and at ease. There were two massive sofas, a big bookcase with books, DVDs and CDs, a big plasma screen TV and big woofer and speakers. There were also various decorative bits and pieces left around like small candles, decorative puppets, wooden boxes etc. We sat there for a while chatting a bit. She asked me about the part of Greece I’m from, how I met my housemate and how I decided to join her for a reading since I never had one before. Following JJ’s advice not to give in too much about my personality to check the accuracy (?) of the reading, I didn’t say much but replied to her questions normally. JJ wanted to see whether Emma would find out that I’m gay or will start talking to me about wives, children, football and stuff. Anyway, after telling her what kind of reading I wanted, I shuffled the cards and we started. I decided to ask her more about my professional life and a little bit about my personal life. I had spent the whole morning teasing JJ that if Emma would tell me something bad about him, it would mean the end of our relationship…

The first reading I had was about the present and a little bit about my future, mostly about my professional life. The first cards she opened were indicators of my personality. She told me that according to the tarot cards, I liked having stability and security in my life. I also had problems at expressing my feelings. From some other cards she saw that I might have some issues with my personal life. She asked me whether I was single or in a relationship and that me and my partner were probably not in the exact same page. I was very cautious not to tell her that I had a boyfriend but I was in relationship. She was kind of vague at her reply as well and we left it at that.

Then, she started checking the cards for my future. She said that she saw changes coming. That in the present I feel restricted at my current job. It doesn’t have any prospect, it’s not mentally challenging and it doesn’t pay well. She said that I am not materialistic but I want to earn a good amount of money to feel secure and stable, which is true. In the near future however, a card called ‘the hermit’ appeared. She told me that that is not really a good card where it appeared. She fears that I might give my month’s notice before finding something else (not likely) or that I will be made redundant in the very near future! She did apologise for that (bless her) but she said that I will probably stay jobless for a short while, maybe doing something part time or contracting to keep me going. She saw however that I have the means to support myself for that short period of time (this autumn). She suggested me doing some kind of training and I mentioned to her that I am doing something at the moment. Luckily, in the future (late autumn, beginning of winter) I will have a new job and I will be happy. She got that from the cards ‘the hanged man’ and ‘the lord’. She told me that ‘the lord’ is an authoritative figure, most likely my new boss and ‘the hanged’ man means content and happiness (don’t ask me why a, upside-down man hanged by one leg is happy).

The hanged Man

That first part of the reading ended. She told me to create a new question to ‘ask’ the cards. I think I told her to check whether the quest of finding a new job will be successful or not. She started opening some new cards. Funnily enough, some of the same cards appeared again. The first card which appeared, in the centre, was the card of ‘Death’. Death is not a bad card. It has nothing to do with physical death but with change and new beginnings. Unfortunately, that change might not happen in the best possible way and it could mean having problems along the way. So, in general Emma told me that I need to change jobs and that now is the best period to do so. She also said that the way I am trying to learn Java (I told her a bit about my in house self training) is not the best and that I should find some days to do a course. She saw me with other people / a teacher being taught during the autumn. She then mentioned that I will be in a dilemma of jeopardising my need of stability and try doing some contracting job instead of trying to find a permanent job.

While I was doing that reading, ‘The Lord’ appeared again and Emma wanted to check who that guy was. She wanted to see if he was my new boss or a teacher. She opened 3 or 4 cards quickly but couldn’t get a clear reading. She simply mentioned that possibly the choice I would make would be to play it safe and not take risks.

She then asked me, since we had some time left what else I would like to check. I then told her to check about my relationship, since she previously saw some dark clouds. She agreed and started opening some cards. They were completely different than before. She saw that me and my partner would end up having a fight. She saw someone being very angry and maybe trying to give up. However, she saw that good communication would set things right and that this fight is nothing to worry about.

Finally Emma asked me to open a final card to end the session and I opened ‘the lovers’. She told me that apart from the obvious the lovers, symbolised by a man between a young and an old woman, indicate a crossroad…

the lovers

Before asking me, I need to say that I do not generally believe in all that. I will not make any decisions or continue my life differently. Going to see her was out of curiosity and for fun. It was something I wanted to try. I will not keep on having my palm read or studying the art of tarot reading. However, if I will be made redundant the next couple of months I will be VERY amazed and I will pay Emma another visit next year…


  1. Yo Ni, I'm glad you're taking it with a pinch of salt.
    Nothing wrong with a bit of curiosity.
    I hope everything in your love life and career works out perfectly.

    PS. My sister arrived yesterday and is staying for 6 weeks. Then she'll bring your mug.

  2. Am I the only one getting frightened with this kind of stuff? lol

  3. @Juz I hope you will have an amazing time with your sister. Enjoy! Don't worry about the mug (although I am not forgetting)

    @Pedders lol. No, it's not that scary. Believe me...