Friday, 9 July 2010

Accident prone…

It came to my attention that I have been regularly mentioning accidents happening to me. I can’t help but wonder whether their number has increased recently and try to find the reason why. The good thing is that I have been much more active the past few months which slightly excuses the situation and makes me feel better.

So, the latest story is that I was having a session with my personal torturer at the gym and while doing some leg presses, I felt an acute pain on my upper abdominals. He (the torturer) told me that I’ve most likely pulled a muscle, an explanation that I liked since it implies that I have abs (hidden) to get pulled! However, it’s been a week now that I have a minor pain / discomfort right below my ribcage. Some people suggested that I cracked a rib which I don’t believe. Having a cracked rib is for people like Mel Gibson or Bruce Willis.

I tried to refrain from most physical activities and I was starting to feel better until Tuesday. That was the day of my scheduled second trial dive. I had already booked my diving referrals and diving in a nearby lake to receive my proper open water diving certificate and I didn’t need a second trial dive, however my housemate wanted to give it a try and I agreed to accompany her. I have to admit that I enjoyed that dive as much as the first one.

However, the pressure and weight of the BCD made my ab (singular) sore again and I am once more in healing process. I haven’t been running or went to the gym for a week and funnily enough I feel weird / sad about it. I never thought I’d say it but I missed exercising (my old self can go and die now).

Being home though I managed to do some stuff that I haven’t done in ages like getting some rest, watching brainless telly or studying. I was also able to arrange my surprise for ‘JJ’s birthday which is at the end of next week (I’ll keep you posted).

Have an amazing sunny weekend all!!! C U next week.


  1. "...made my ab (singular)" LOL
    Your one ab is one more than I got!
    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Aww. That sucks! I pull a muscle in my back periodically, and really, truly know your pain. FOr a few days I can do *NOTHING* without hurting myself, aside from standing, upright, without moving, lol.

    Good luck. :-)

  3. @Cubby... Thanks...

    @Gauss_Jordan Probably a back injury like that is even worse. Sorry to hear that...