Sunday, 28 February 2010

Long Sunday...

Winter's been dragging for ages this year. It started early and it kept going on without a single break. It's very tiring. I really wonder when it will end. It's so depressing when it's Sunday and the weather's so bad.

I haven't been feeling very well on top of that. I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose. I spent the day mostly indoors not to make it worse. I only went out to visit the local 'Boots' to get my new supplies of paracetamol, nasal spray and tissues. I know, not very attractive. That's life though...

I hope to get better soon. I have to get back soon on track. I have my run in 7 days.


  1. Man, I hope you feel better asap!
    You'll be grand for the marathon, you'll see =)

    Sorry to hear that about the weather. I actually had amazing 20ºC and managed to spend 1h getting a sunbath on my balcony =X

    Everything's gonna be just fine!!

  2. I think I have your cold.

    Good luck with the marathon. I'm sure you'll be in better health by then. I hope this isn't hindering your training.

  3. feel better soon. maybe you can stay under the covers and avoid monday and then come back fighting fit just in time for tuesday.

  4. Good luck for the run, and I'm sure you will be better soon!!!!

    I also dont like winter much, even though Durban is never cold, the little bit of cold we do get is enough for me!

  5. the cold crisp sun I can stand. it's all these days of rain, rain rain that get on my tits.