Monday, 22 February 2010

How old are you again?

Ok, it’s a much known fact that you can meet online some really weird people. All types of users are able to express themselves in every possible way. In a way, that is not a bad thing, since people with peculiar and not customary interests found ways to communicate and share them.
However, when I came across the webpage I’ll describe now, I couldn’t stop laughing.
The url is: and apparently you log in there to testify that you just had sex by also adding the location in Google Maps. You can say when that happened, comments about it, position(s), whether a condom was used etc. You can even add pictures if you want.
The first question that came into my mind was ‘why’. Why would you want to share this information to the rest of the world? If you want to keep track of how many times you ‘hide the salami’, keep a personal journal! Do you really need to boast about it? How old are you anyway? I hoped that adults would treat the whole subject in a more serious / mature way. I would be so wrong…

The second question that came into my mind was ‘who’. Who will be the frequent user of this website? Do I really care about who had sex the last two weeks in my neighborhood? Unless it involves me I am not really interested…
For scientific purposes I tried to test that website. I browsed to find the London area and checked who had gay sex in the last month. The filter result mentioned 17 times. Only? Yeah, right…
The very first marker I checked was about a guy, who had sex outdoors (the tree symbol) in 5 different positions. His comment was ‘shit’! He’s probably a guy of few words but lots of action (unfortunately not very successful)…

Seriously, I am beginning to be worried about the type of information people put and share online. Is there no limit? It might seem harmless at first sight, but these things can so easily be tracked. People are putting online their most intimate information for everybody else to see.
Think about children and teenagers now having easy access to all these things. It made me wonder: Are there any lectures at school to educate them of the dangers?


  1. I thought most people (not me) just announce it on Twitter these days?

  2. wahahahahhahaa nobody loves a crazy internetwebsite more than me. and that is fricken' crazy! nice one Nik.

  3. @CitizenKurt true... I tried twitter but after a few months I realised it's not for me...

    @Paige I had a feeling you'd appreciate it... lol...

  4. What happened to the tried-and-tested method of screaming the house down? I've always found fond memories to be elegant sufficiency. Still, each to his or her own...

  5. The World is becoming a sick place, mate, and humans sick puppies. lol
    Anyway, let them do whatever they want to do. If they want to expose their sexual life on a website, let them do it. As long as I'm not involved in it, I really don't care.
    Let the house burn down =X
    Nice post though.

  6. @Mike You have to keep up with technology. You have to inform everyone around the globe about your sexual achievements...

    @Pedders I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks