Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy chap

I’m quite pleased today. My developing team had a major meeting with one of our clients. When of course I say ‘my’ team I mean the team I belong to, not that it’s mine (yet)! We presented to our clients a new very important feature for one of our software packages that they ordered. I designed and developed a big part of it, so I had to present that part myself. I was slightly nervous. I always get that because I’m not used to doing presentations in English, I’m afraid that they will not get my accent and I’m also worried that the system might crash.

It went quite well though. My part took around 20 minutes. The discussion after it also went smoothly. Overall the meeting took around 2 hours with the client saying that they’d like to pay us some money upfront with the rest following at the day of installation in a couple weeks time. So, I guess it went well. And the managers / directors are happy, so we’re happy. I just want to establish myself as a developer more, since my background is more in Engineering and I am happy that this opportunity came up.

That’s enough work related news… On a very different matter, I was watching a little bit of the Winter Olympics Games. I’m not a great fan of them as I am of the normal Olympics (the real deal). Ok, maybe because I am Greek but I really do not get some of the sports, especially ‘curling’. I simply can’t! What’s the big deal? It’s not even a sport! It’s like weird bowling with brooms on ice. You can’t have bowling as an Olympic Sport. What’s next? Backgammon? No, that to me seems wrong… I’m sorry for the true fans out there…

I went yesterday to see ‘A single Man’ with ‘JJ’. The movie was overall very nice. I liked very much its aesthetics, photography and of course the clothes. Colin Firth was playing magnificently. He really deserves every award or award nomination he receives. I also loved Julienne Moore in her role. The only thing that slightly tired me was the plot. In general in was a bit slow and some things could be done differently. Maybe I felt like that since I saw the movie right after work and I wasn’t in the best of moods. However, Tom Ford’s first attempt in directing can really be praised. He did a brilliant job.


  1. Congrats on your successful presentation.

    I haven't been watching these Olympics at all. Not sure why - I just haven't been interested. Maybe it's because they wear more clothes that the summer Olympics.

  2. Mon congrat on ur recent project!

    next will be more chalenging....all the luck

  3. Congratulations for the presentation ;)
    Keep up the good work and you'll be rewarded, for sure!
    I love the Winter Olympics more than the normal ones actually, I just can't take my eyes out of the TV whenever it's on.
    I liked the trailer a lot. I'll watch it once it airs here in Malta.

  4. OMG, I love Lee Pace SO much! I've gotta watch that movie, asap!!!

  5. @NewLeaf thanks. I know what you mean regarding the clothes...

    @Suf_n_Steve Cheers

    @Pedders Really? You love the Winter Olympics? It's a matter of taste I suppose. If you're a fan of Pace, you should definitely see the movie...