Monday, 8 February 2010

Weekend events…

On Friday after work, I went with ‘gb’ to the gym. We had our weekly session with our personal torturer (aka personal trainer). It was quite bad. I was exhausted after a very busy week at work and I really struggled to keep up with the program. I was content that I managed to do it, but more happy to finish it. We had told him not to work on our legs since the plan was to go running the next morning and he concentrated on our upper bodies.

I had a minor pain in my right foot when I was stepping on it since I last went running on Wednesday. I though it was a kind of a callous right on my underfoot and I wore a patch to make it go away. Since I was feeling better on Saturday, I went running. The pain on my foot increased but I didn’t do much to relax on Saturday. I kept on my schedule with ‘JJ’ and we went shopping, for a coffee etc. At the end of the day I wasn’t feeling very well and I couldn’t step on it without feeling pain.

It is kind of weird because it is not swollen, stiff or blue. I am just feeling pain on my underfoot when I walk. I tried to behave after Saturday evening. I didn’t go to a club or dancing that I wanted but instead I settled with going to the cinema which is 4 minutes walk from my place and I also stayed in the whole Sunday! That means that for the whole day I didn’t exit my flat at all. I don’t remember when I last did that. I’ve certainly not stayed in for a whole day in the flat I am now, since early November. For those that know me, they can understand what a sacrifice that is.

I’m worried. I think that it is not broken and I hope that it is something that will go away in the next couple of days if I rest it. Hopefully I’ve only slightly twisted it. I’ll try to go to a doctor to take a look at it later on today. I am supposed to run half a marathon in less than a month. I think that I can cover that distance. I have to keep on training though. I can’t afford to stop running for the next two weeks and I certainly can’t have a doctor telling me that I cannot do the run at all. I have a responsibility to all people sponsoring me to do the run for Cancer Research UK.


The movie I saw on Saturday was ‘Up in the air’ with George Clooney. He plays a character with the worst possible job ever: he is hired to fire people! He just travels around in the States to go and announce to people that they are fired! He travels so much that he spends almost every year of his life between airports and hotels. So, the movie is about his lifestyle, his personal life and possible future. Overall the movie is very good, entertaining and interesting. I like the fact that it is not shallow and naïve. I feared that it would be a bad chick flick and thankfully it isn’t. All actors playing in it are very good, the direction is good and the script is very interesting. I am not sure why it was nominated for 6 Academy Awards though. Yes it is very good and I recommend it, but 6 Oscars?


  1. nothing worse than an injury when you've got races to run. what did doc say?

  2. ooo dear

    i hope everything wiill be super fine...have a good rest (yeah i know it is boring) and try not over use ur feet even it on the bed...activitiessss

  3. I need to see Up in the air. I think I'm that guy at the moment (except for the firing people part).

    As your trainer to recommend a physical therapist if you can! Spend a little cash and time and see if you can do something simple that can be easily fixed. My running partner's out of commission for the next two weeks because she's overused her hamstrings. This, however, is due to an imbalance and weakness in some muscle in her pelvis which she was overcompensating for. That one thing's caused lower back pain, hamstring strain, and its won particular pain as well. All it'll take to fix it is about two weeks of light-weight high-rep core training (in theory).

  4. @Paige Thanks for that. I didn't manage to see a doctor yesterday. I didn't want to go to ER. I'm feeling much better today and I plan to rest and not try going running until next weekend.

    @Suf_n_Steve Yes, resting can be boring. I'm not going to comment on the bed activities... :-p

    @Gauss_Jordan It's good. Go and see it. I need to invest some money in new shoes as well. Get checked and buy proper ones... Thanks

  5. Hey Nik, I just read it - I hope you get better asap! Specially because of the marathon you have.

    Don't forget that health comes first so, you shouldn't run for the sake of others' health if your own isn't in perfect conditions!
    Keep us updated!

  6. @Pedders Thanks for that. I'm already feeling better...