Friday, 26 February 2010

OK, call me stupid…

Sometimes I really worry about my intelligence. I’m not going to personally admit it of course, but sometimes some things don’t click easily. I’ve been complaining about pain in my right foot for the past couple of weeks. Running all these miles wasn’t helping of course the healing process. When you jog for about two hours nonstop, any small problem or irritation can be augmented to be a major problem / pain / blister. I found out that the physical status of my feet and running demanded that I’d have to change shoes. The new ones are really good. I can run on them easier. However, some soreness was still there.

Then, it finally clicked! Why only my right foot and not the left? The answer was in front of my eyes but I didn’t see it. The problem was mostly caused by the fact that I sit on it at work. Yes, I put my right foot under me when I sit at my desk. I do it so involuntary that I don’t even pay attention to it any more. I tried to put that theory to test and I’ve seen tremendous progress. I’ve stopped sitting on it for the past three days and it completely stopped hurting… Duh!
Yes, it sounds stupid but it’s true. By the way, if you make comments about my intelligence to my face I’ll not take it very well. I am allowed to talk bad about me, not you…


Anyway, in order to make you stop doubting me, I’m giving you my Greek spinach and feta pastry pie recipe. It’s Friday, pay day and I’m happy! I made that yesterday. Preparing it will not take more than 15 minutes. Baking it does take a while, but it’s worth it.
In order to make a Greek spinach and feta pie I used:
600gr of Spinach leaves,
300gr of Feta cheese,some grated cheddar cheese,two already rolled puff pastry leaves,
some spring onions chopped,two eggs,
salt and pepper.For the stuffing you put in a pot on the hob a spoon of water, the chopped spring onions and the spinach leaves.

In order to make sure that the leaves are cooked properly you fold the cooked spinach at the bottom of the pan over the uncooked leaves at the top. The spinach is cooked when the leaves are wilted completely but still bright green, which takes about 2 to 3 minutes. It looks a little bit disgusting but tastes very good. Remove the pot from the hob and let it cool down a bit. Then add the grated feta, the cheddar, the dill, seasoning and the eggs. Keep a little bit of the scrambled eggs for the top of the pie (I’ll explain later). Without the dill I do the same stuffing for cannelloni or lasagna:

I usually buy already rolled puff pastry leaves. In a tray, put some baking paper and place the first leaf after you’ve stretched it a bit. You need to make it fill the bottom of your tray so that the stuffing will be kept inside. It’s not that difficult and if you make holes to the leaf you can always cover them. Add the stuffing and then the second pastry leaf on top. Try to shield the edges. Finally add some holes to the upper leaf and spread the part of the egg you’ve kept. That will make the pie turn nicely brown. I also add some sesame on top.

I bake the pie in low heat of 3 to 4 for gas ovens for about 1h and 20 minutes. I also turn it halfway there to bake evenly on all sides. You know it’s done by its colour. It has to turn brown. Don’t bake it in high temperature because the pastry leaf on the bottom will not be cooked properly.


  1. O'really?? Weird thing. It was as simple as "stop sitting on your leg". Anyway, glad to know that your better and can, now, run the whole marathon without worrying if you have any serious injury or not.

    The recipe looks really nice! I actually made Apple Crumble for the first time, with Pat yesterday, and it ended up really well.
    Gotta try that one!

  2. Thanks Pedders for the comment. I might ask for the Apple Crumble recipe... :-)

  3. I'd scratched the steering wheel in my car. I don't wear rings, so I couldn't figure out how I was doing it. It turns out that when I get out while the car's running, tiny rivets on *some* of my jeans *sometimes* scrape across the wheel. It only happens when I wear the right pair of jeans, and when the car's running, because the wheel moves up out of the way when the car's off.

    This took me a year to figure out.

  4. ooh, i love spinnach! i'm SO going to try this one.

  5. @Gauss_Jordan That's exactly it...

    @wozzel. It's very easy to do. I love spinach too...