Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Enron the musical

Yesterday was theatre night. I went with some friends to see ‘Enron the Musical’. When they first mentioned to me that there is a play called ‘Enron the Musical’ my reaction was: ‘You got to be kidding me. How can you make that story into a musical?’

Kenneth Lay with the Board of Directors

The answer is that they can make it a musical and a brilliant one. I truly found it amazing. It was very cleverly done and as you can see from the pictures, it has amazing aesthetics. The direction is very good and the choreography was excellent.

The workforce

I knew the general story of Enron, but I didn’t know many details that were ingeniously presented to even the most ignorant of the story viewer. You don’t have to know how the stock market works to follow the plot. I also loved the fact that it was a political satire of a story that affected so many people’s lives and is still affected today’s economy dramatically. I don’t think that the general public knows the political games played all over the world and how governments rise and fall in them. Simplistically presented through a satire is the best way of doing that.

The stock market

I truly suggest you go and see it. It’s also been nominated for three Lawrence Olivier nominations including for ‘Best New Play’.

The Lehman Brothers

“ Are you kidding me? Did we take advantage? That's what we do, that's how the world works! If you want an objective morality, you're living in a dream. So when you ask, 'did we take advantage?', I hear, 'do you make a living?', 'do you breathe in and out?', 'are you a man?'! Yes, we took advantage. And the only difference between me and the people judging me is they weren't smart enough to do what we did. Now, are you gonna judge me or are you gonna help me? “
Jeff Skilling (President, COO and CEO) from ENRON by Lucy Prebble


  1. i'm so jeaous of your Theatre nights! Sound so cool. Wish there were more theatres here in Durban, problem is that when there are shows running, they are incredibily highly priced!

  2. Sounds cool. The name is a turn-off though.

  3. @wozzel I love going to the theatre. I spend all my money there. They are not that cheap here either but you can get some offers. We went to see Enron 8 people and we got discounted group tickets.

    @Larry It's better than it sounds