Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Road trip (part 2 of 2)

So, on Saturday we took the car and we drove to Stonehenge.
We were trying to find another nice destination close to London for a day trip and ‘JJ’ suggested going by the sea to check the White Cliffs of Dover. Dover is a port in Kent, South East of England, where boats leave to sail to France, especially Calais. He was again the only one driving, since I still haven’t tried driving on the left. I get sometimes very confused in roundabouts and major junctions. I go for the wrong lane (which is not very good / safe).

Since he was driving and wanted to see the Cliffs, I agreed. I didn’t mind going there and I’m always up to go to the seafront. My whole life I’ve been living in a city by the sea and I miss it a lot. I liked spending hours daydreaming watching the waves, listening to music or taking long walks while doing that.

It took us around 2 hours drive to reach Dover. The city itself is not very nice and seems very industrial. The port as seen in the picture is massive. The whole thing is not very welcoming to say the least. I don’t think that people like to stay and visit it. There is a very nice castle though, on the hill, next to the city. However, since we wanted to go to the Cliffs we didn’t visit the castle.

The Cliffs were amazing. There were many pathways to follow and people were tracking the designated paths. The view was splendid. The only bad thing was the amount of mud on the pathways. There was so much mud either sticking on our shoes or making us slide uncontrollably, that it was ridiculous. We laughed so much about it though! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go far! We returned to a very nice cafĂ© by the car park for tea and coffee, enjoying the sun and the view while sitting outside. It was very beautiful.

After that, we headed to ‘Folkestone’ that seemed to be a nice small town close by to get some dinner (at least on the map). Unfortunately, the place was not as nice. Again, the city centre was located away from the sea and we couldn’t seem to find someplace nice to stay. However, we asked some locals and they recommended an amazing seafood restaurant in a small village by the sea called Hythe! Now, that was amazing. It served great seafood, in prices not found in London. It was so cheap we stuffed ourselves with fresh fish! After that, we drove back.

Overall it was an amazing weekend. We’re thinking of getting some proper tracking boots or good wellies for next time. By the way, today is my 2nd month anniversary with JJ. It’s not that much I know, but I’ve enjoyed them very much.


  1. hey! 2 months is a start :) so yay for you. Good that you guys are doing stuff you enjoy!! Keep at it. As they say, couples who do things together, stay together.

  2. @wozzel. Thanks... Yes, it's a start...

  3. The cliffs are impressive (especially at St Margarets), but you are right, Dover isnt nice. The Castle is amazing and it was built to show off too!

    I would have done the castle and then gone to Dymchurch - it's a weird desert.

  4. @Stephen Chapham. Yes the Cliffs were nice. We didn't know exactly where to go and didn't visit the castle. I didn't know about Dymchurch either. Next time...

  5. awesome! thanks for sharing with all of us out here. it is always awesome to see other places in the world, different from our own. maybe someday i will get to travel over that way!

  6. @bigislandjeepguy Yes, Dover and Kent in general must be really different than Hawaii! I would really love to visit your places, so much

  7. sorry i'm so late to comment. getting caught up. slowly... just wanted to say congrats on 2 months! seems like you're very happy together. :) it's so sad, i've never been to any of these places or even london for that matter. and i'm a uk citizen. i'm a uk passport holder who has never set foot in his own country. haha. try to figure that one out. ;) anyway, congrats. sounds like it was a fun trip!

  8. Thanks Godfrey. You should come. There are some very nice places around and London I believe is a must see.