Friday, 12 February 2010

100th Post

I did it. I reached my number 100 post.
YAY! I first started last August and during this period I came out to my parents, ‘D’ permanently left the country (we hadn’t had the chance to see if we could make it work), I started seeing ‘Mr. T’, I started seeing ‘Essex Boy’ and now I am with ‘JJ’ (after I’ve stopped seeing the rest).

So if you were wondering:
I’m the guy with the funny Greek accent. I’m the guy that would love to remember how to properly speak French. I am the guy that is almost always early. I’m the guy whose favourite pastime is browsing through books in a bookstore. I am the guy you see checking seafood in the local supermarket. I am the guy you see friends take with them when trying to get new clothes. I am the hairiest guy in the two gyms I go. I am the guy you’ll see reading his books or solving Sudoku in an overnight flight because he can’t get any sleep in an airplane. I’m the guy who will give you the silent treatment if I’m pissed off. I’m the guy you’ll see reading his Sunday paper in a coffee shop. I’m the guy who will never change or arrange his plans according to what’s on TV. I am the guy who just loves the sound of waves. I am the guy whose only items in his wish list in Amazon are books and comics. I am the guy who loves to read about Greek mythology and ancient Greek plays but can’t remember the connections or names if asked. I am the guy that doesn’t like fruit combined with meat in a main course. I am the guy who’s always up for some more fries. I am the guy who’s seen all episodes of Friends more than ten times. I am the guy who gets really ticklish after sex. I am the guy who doesn’t like whisky. I am the guy you’ll most likely see in jeans, snickers and a t-shirt. I’m the guy always wanting to visit Japan. I am the guy scared to go and see a horror movie in the cinema because it’s scarier. I was the really underweight guy until his teens. I am the guy who’s seen all of Almodovar older movies. I'm the guy that always averts his eyes first if you stare at him too long. I am the guy who doesn’t like drawing attention to him. I hope I am the guy that tries to take good care of my friends. I am the guy that likes it when unexpected good friends arrive for a visit. I am the guy who’s forgetting how to spell properly in his mother language. I’m the guy whose mother threw away his first comic book collection in order to make him start reading ‘proper’ books. I am the guy entering his thirties believing it to be the best period of his life. I am the guy who had his Greek coffee cup ‘read’ with huge success. I am the guy who doesn’t like to live on his own. I am the guy who wants to have sex on the beach in a warm summer night. I am the guy terrified of the idea of getting HIV. I am the guy who likes musicals. I am the guy whose sense of smell is not very good. I am the guy who really likes baking pies. I am the guy who’d like to buy a Garmin Forerunner but his running partner is making fun off. I am the guy who cannot watch twice drama movies he liked, like the ‘La vita è bella’ or ‘The colour purple’. I am the guy who you will never see in a loud argument easily. I am the guy checking people out in the gym. I am the guy who feels sad when talented people cannot appreciate what they were given, like Amy Winehouse. I am the guy who thinks that haute couture most of the times takes advantage of naïve rich people. I’m the guy who doesn’t like the contemporary, hairless, clean-cut, over artistic male icons / models. I am the guy who loves to have friends over for home made food and good wine. I am the guy who finds Shakespeare slightly overrated. I’m the guy that likes junk food and hates microwave TV dinners. I’m the guy never been dressed in drag. I am the guy visiting Europe each year while growing up with his family and really appreciates the memories. I am the guy knowing lines by heart from the first Star Wars trilogy but couldn’t really get into Star Trek. I am the guy without a TV set for 7 months in 2009. I am the guy who wishes to be able to do a whole marathon. I am the guy who wants to visit an Eskimo living in an Igloo. I’m the guy who doesn’t get celebritydome. I’m the guy who believes in God but not in church. I’m the guy who can’t imagine buying his own house yet and settling down somewhere permanently. I’m the guy who never had a proper indoors pet, apart from some stray cats coming and going. I’m the guy who would go back in time just to watch ‘the Queen’ perform live. I am the guy who thinks that Christina Ricci could be amazing to hang around with. I'm a guy who agrees that guys with big dicks have attitude problems. I am the guy who will stuff himself with food when depressed. I am the guy who you will not see taking drugs. I am the guy who you will see reading his book / magazine / newspaper under the sun in the local park.
I’m just a guy…

X-Men #100


  1. So u're the guy at the corner! nice knowing u Nik.

    have a little champagne to celebrate the 100 post. sure there will be more exciting more in the future...

    hip2 hooray

  2. That has got to be the best "100 things about me" post I have ever seen. Only thinly veiled..., but veiled none the less. Top drawer my brother.


  3. You’re the guy with the great outlook on life that helps me see what life in London is like. Thanks for that.

  4. Whoo hoo Nik! Happy 100th!
    Keep Blogging. I love it.

  5. whooohooo 100 posts! here's to a hundred million billion more. at least. x

  6. I like hairy

    Made in Scotland: 1,000 - I'm Gonna Bruise You

    (do you have hairy shoulders?) And Christina R was born within a few days of me.

    Musicals, HIV, weekend excitement reading the Guardian in bed with mon C. Ahoj, that's me!


    happy 100

  7. Congrats for the 100th!
    I see myself in some things you mentioned apart from the "haute couture most of the times takes advantage of naïve rich people" one.
    Great post Nik =)
    Have a nice weekend mate.

  8. Way to go on #100. And I know how hard it is to try to write a list like you just did. Damn hard.

  9. Cheers. :-)

    We share many of those traits, by the way, but I'm disappointed that you're not into Star Trek. ;-P

  10. Happy Hundred, Nik. Or, in Portuguese, Feliz cem.

  11. And I'm the guy who loves Hairy Greeks! I've had three Greek guys in my bed and all have been excellent lovers.

    Love, SS in Sydney

  12. Hay guys. Thank you so much for the comments and wishes!!!! You're all great... You do make my day!

  13. Wait for me!! Congratulations on 100 posts; I look forward to reading them all. And the next 100! And... I'm stealing your writing style for a post of my own of an "I am the guy..." theme. Imitation being the sincerest, and in my case humblest, form of flattery :-) x

  14. @Mike thanks. Steal whatever you want... :-)