Tuesday, 9 February 2010

How dating can be bad for you

With Valentine’s day coming up (I will not comment on that just yet) I was thinking that there are some issues you have to consider when dating. There are some side effects and you have to find ways to overcome them.

When dating:
  1. Your amount of calories intake can rise dramatically. There will be times that takeaways will be ordered, restaurant tables will be booked and ice cream shared. Even when dinner is arranged to be at home, you can’t simply treat your date with just a salad. You’ll probably prepare one or more side dishes and desert.
  2. Your time spent working out will diminish. There will be times that you spend being lazy in bed or cuddling watching TV, instead of going to the gym.
  3. Your budget will go overboard. Even with Suf_n_Steve’s advices on dating, at the beginning of a new relationship you will go out more. You cannot treat your new date to a dinner in McDonalds or a cheap chip shop. You’ll probably go to ‘someplace nice’ where even the air you breathe is priced without noticing. I will not go into the whole mobile phone bills increase.
  4. Your time spent with friends, work colleagues or relatives will diminish. You work daily and you have to arrange on how to spend your free evenings and weekends. You also cannot arrange for something every single evening, sometimes you want to stay home and relax. Your high priority at the moment is your new bf or gf. However, you’ll have family birthday parties to go to, spend time in the pub with work colleagues (if you want a career, you have to attend them) or see some old friends. You can’t drag a new bf at all of these all the time. So, your social life takes a plunge.
  5. Your career will be threatened. Apart from not attending some social work events, you are psychologically absent most of the time from work by daydreaming. You can’t concentrate easily and don’t pay attention to what’s been told in meetings. You are forgetful, absentminded and your productivity goes down. Just pray that the boss will not notice
OK, I think I’m done. I made 5 good points on how dating, starting a new relationship, can be bad for you… What have I forgotten?
Lmao! Do I really believe these things? Do they really matter? Aren't there no solutions?
Hell no…


  1. Oh I agree! Firstly, the calorie intake. DUDE, I’ve picked up tooooo much weight since my boyfriend and I have been together. I don’t work out as much as I used to – I don’t eat the same way I used to. I’ve become comfortable. But, I am happy. I just know that something’s must change.

    Another point you could add there. I was talking to a friend of mine this morning. She was telling me about the issues she was having with her boyfriend and I was telling her about the few issues I’m having with mine. It was then that I said to her. “Funny how just over a year ago we were bitching and moaning that we are single – now we are bitching and moaning about our boyfriends”

    Being single has its own stresses, as does being coupled, but as human beings, we are never really happy with what we have in life. hahaha.

    Nice post Nik!!!

  2. Nik, but it's all SO worth it, believe me! Yes, the phone bill is quite a challenge specially for international calls.
    But you made a good clear point!

  3. darling

    oh!it can't be that bad! if the time, money, dreaming@drooling or anything could match ur love then, go ahead.

    love burn the calories away,
    (read this click here pluboy.blogspot)
    make ur focus on ur vision mission,
    (to spend meaning to find more $$$$$)
    u value ur time with ur partner and
    make u better men than yesterday
    we can't make everyone happy with our choice,
    we can only make one person happy at a time.

  4. I always enjoyed dating (by and large anyway) but you are right - it's very expensive. I suppose if you don't mind your calorie intake too much it can be good. It certainly takes time away from friends - and makes work tricky to plan around too. But it's all fun, at least to me - and ultimately proved very worthwhile :-)

  5. I'm feeling much better about spending the holiday alone. I'll securely spend the night with fellow single friends playing board games or something.

  6. ...and i would not have it any other way :)

  7. @wozzel Thanks for Number 6. I know exactly what you mean. Yes, we can always find something to drag about. It's the human nature...

    @Pedders Yes, it's all worth it...

    @Suf_n_Steve I'm not being that serious. I'm not seriously complaining. I'm happy and I know what you mean.

    @Mike Of course it's fun and worthwhile.

    @A_gay_mormon_boy It's not really a holiday, is it? I don't think I'll do something special either. I don't believe that a card or flowers on that specific day is that meaningful anyway.

    @bigislandjeepguy Thanks

    @Salacious_Soul True...

  8. Yep, I am ticking every one of those too. You know what though, I wouldnt have it any other way right now. Awesome post though. I really need to try get online more often. I miss your bizarre world Nik :D