Monday, 10 May 2010

Weekend away…

‘JJ’ is leaving to go to South Africa this Thursday for more than two weeks. Since he will be away for a long period of time and I was away in Greece for Easter and in Barcelona, we’ve decided to go away for the weekend, just the two of us. We were trying to find a destination that is nice (not Luton for example), not far away from London (not Rome) and affordable (not Paris). We were trying to find a nice spa / indoor swimming pool hotel to treat ourselves a massage or something like that but I couldn’t find something that was not expensive or in the middle of nowhere that demanded renting a car. After my two trips during the last month my budget is a bit tight. Any ideas on nice cheap spa resorts?

So, we’ve decided to go to Brighton! We booked a nice bed and breakfast near the sea front, booked our train tickets and went.

Brighton's Pier

That was the first trip I would ever do with a boyfriend (yes, I’m still in the learning process) and spend the night in a hotel. I have been away in the past with an ex girlfriend, but that was millions of years ago and doesn’t really count for many reasons. We had an amazing time!

The weather was not as great as we expected. We hoped at least that it would be sunny to go sunbathing by the sea. ‘JJ’ packed his sunglasses, big sea towel and swimming trunks. He didn’t use any of them. We did use an umbrella he had taken with him though.

The funny part was the bed and breakfast we stayed in. It had 8 rooms, all with different themes. We stayed in the Alpine Room. It was covered in wood, with horns of various big animals on the walls, red striped curtains, a fluffy grey bedspread and a weirdly looking Alpine guy painted on the bathroom door that made you feel like you’re been watched all the time. You can say that it was interesting… It was well located near gay bars though, nice restaurants and the Pier.
The bed & breakfast's Alpine Room

JJ's there on the right. I stayed on the land the second time to video the ride

We tried to enjoy each other’s company and have a nice, relaxing weekend away from the busy, noisy London. We wandered by the sea, did some rides on the Pier, read the Sunday newspaper in an interesting looking coffee shop and ate (a lot) various delicacies and treats. While going through some stuff in an antique shop I found some old comic books that I bought. I found the very last issue of ‘The New Mutants’ (#100) and first issues of ‘X-force’ from the early ‘90s. We also went in a hotel / bar / club called 'Legends' on Saturday night to dance.
I can say it was quite of fun.


PS. I’m so making ‘JJ’ bring me a copy of ‘A million miles from normal’ from South Africa…


  1. if the 2 of you would like to come to our BBQ housewarming sat 29 May from 3pm, email me for invite.


  2. Oooh, we're going to Brighton for this weekend as a semi-anniversary do (it's with friends but we shall have our us time too). I'm strangely pleased to be following in your footsteps :-)

  3. @MadeInScotland Thanks a lot for that. I'll send you an email later on today

    @Mike I hope you have an amazing time! Take pictures

  4. Hey Nik,
    Glad you two had a good time,

    I started reading A Million Miles From Normal last night - and I'm already halfway. You'll love it.

  5. Looks like you had a great time! I went to another sea place with my ex really close to Brighton! I had an amazing time, but the hotel was nothing like this one :P

    Try to go away with him as much as possible! Travelling with your man is the best thing ever!

    I went to Oceania with him. I thing it was the best time/trip/company I ever had in my life!

    Take care and spread the love :P

  6. @Juz I can't wait now to get a hold of the book now... Thanks

    @Misiu Cheers... Oceania? That's quite a trip. Never been there (yet) but would love to.