Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday morning…

It’s gym morning for me. I get up earlier than normal and I go to the gym in the morning. It’s like a ritual I follow. I don’t mind it being Monday. It’s slightly less crowded than normal. People don’t usually like getting up at that time on a Monday.

I usually hit the cycles with a newspaper first, browsing through it under the TVs. Today, I noticed that the screens where showing a WW Raw match. I don’t know what the difference is with the normal WWE. Maybe it is a specific show called ‘Raw’, showing scenes from WWE matches!

Anyway, the thing was ridiculous! The ‘acting’ of the wrestlers was absurd! Funnily enough the stadium was amazingly packed and people seemed to enjoy it. I believe there might be many fans of that show / sport although I can’t see why. They should realise how fake all this seems!

That scene was hilarious

Funnily enough however, I was slightly drawn to the show. I wanted to see what else they can think of to do. I enjoyed the amazingly silly names they use, the faces they pulled and their tiny suits.

The guy standing looks quite cute though


On a very different matter, JJ safely arrived in Johannesburg on Friday to attend a wedding the next day. He is now in Cape Town enjoying himself. We’ve managed to chat a bit, but not too much. He’s using words that I hate (at this point) like ‘swimming pool’, ‘fish barbeque’, ‘tanning oil’ when I use words like ‘umbrella’, ‘warm jacket’ and ‘work’!

I’m trying to organize our summer holidays and suggest to him a full plan when he gets back. I hope to persuade ‘JJ’ to go island hopping in Greece with me (I don’t think it will need much effort). I’m planning for us to fly to Rhodes, one of the biggest islands of the east-southern Greece where my best friend lives. We could spend some days there and then travel around to a couple of the islands of the same island group. The islands around there are not that much touristic and they are great for a less crowded, less noisy, relaxing vacations.

Lindos Bay in Rhodes

Rhodes has so many places to visit on its own. I could simply stay there for many days. However, I don’t want to take advantage of my friend’s hospitality and stay in his place too long. I also believe that I should spend some time with ‘JJ’ on our own. It will be fun / adventurous simply visiting other islands and spending a night here or there. It will be amazing, just us, the sun and the sea…


  1. I don't get the appeal of WWE either, but it seems to have quite a few fans. Looking at the guy in the blue shorts makes me think I should tune in.

    Island hopping around Greece sounds amazing.


  2. Not a fan of WWE! It seems to be all staged. Greece is great to visit and you'd love the islands.

  3. @NewLeaf the guy in blue is called Ted DiBiase jr. Google him...

    @SteveA I agree regarding WWE. Greece will be fun if there are no strikes / volcanic ash to disturb our journey... :-)

  4. I think there was a movie once showing all those fake wrestling moves! Don't remember the name tho!

    Rhode looks amazing! Never been there!

    (email me for I have something to ask you please :D )