Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Things I've...

Some of the thing's I've received from South Africa:
(I'll read the book and let you know. I loved the small hand-made elephant and the zebra salad thongs)

Things I've eaten on Sunday, while having a very short sunny spell:
(that's a boerewors being cooked)

Things I watched:

I have to admit it was better than expected (I expected it to be simply awful)

A nice action movie. It will def not win an award for scenario or acting but worth watching if you are into this kind of movies.

I've seen this cool car in Putney:

That was part of my weekend in pictures. How was yours?


  1. yay care package from SA! coool! can't wait to hear what you think. enjoy. xxx

  2. been working around the clock at the central bank of Berlin@Deutsche Bundesbank Berlin!

    nothing much only the old buildin! but i've seen German's gold reserved! sorry no pic allowed

  3. Cool. :-) I'm doing a photopost later (when I get home from work).

  4. Like you, I liked Jake's new movie very much, although we seem to be quite alone in that assessment.

  5. Looks like u had a wonderful time with 'JJ' ! :)
    I really like the idea of a photopost... I think ill post my busy week as an architect in the next few days! :D
    Ohh.. One more think.. I have the save salad set! Got it from kenya. I also have a zebra bowl! :p

  6. Had a quiet weekend - a friend's wedding, yoga and a bit too many martinis - but enjoyed my weekend.

    I still want to see SATH 2 - everyone says it was better than expected. Maybe this weekend!

  7. @Paige I'll let you know... :-)

    @Suf_n_Steve That would have an amazing picture! I didn't know you were in Berlin. I must have missed that. I love Berlin. Sorry you have to work so hard

    @Gauss_Jordan I'll be waiting for that.

  8. @Cubby OK, I can see why some people might not have liked it. But it's Disney and Bruckheimer, what did they expect? I enjoyed my popcorn and big coke while watching it...

    @Misiu You do have the same salad set? Oh, you shouldn't have told me that. I thought that it was genuine South African! And there is a bowl? OK, I'll have a word with 'JJ' tonight...

    @SteveA You sure do like your martinis. You have mentioned them before. Yes, go watch it and let me know what you think...