Friday, 25 June 2010

Happy Friday…

I’m so happy this week is finally (almost) over. It sure started with a blast (work wise in not a very good way) but it got better. Almost every issue we had has been sorted out and now we are waiting for the arrival of my manager on Monday. Let’s hope he will not be too grumpy after the end of his vacations. We’ll see.

Regarding my plans for the future, I have to say that I’ve upgraded my CV, started contacting people to get recommendations on LinkedIn and also uploaded my CV on a couple of websites. I’ve even applied for two different positions, one of which is quite intriguing. I don’t know if it is good or bad, but what I do is quite particular and finding available positions is not very easy. Do not forget that with the current economic situation of this country not many companies are hiring anyway. At least I feel like I am not staying idle, but I am doing something to improve my situation. Having my current job is not bad, so I don’ really mind staying here until I find the opportunity I want.

This weekend is “Road Trip” weekend. We have to go to Newcastle to get some stuff from a warehouse (long story) so we’ll be driving there and back in two days. We’re leaving tomorrow, early in the morning, stay overnight in a nice hotel close to the river and we’ll get back the next day. I talked about our weekend plan to some English colleagues of mine to get the same response from everyone: “You’re Crazy” (with capital C). It’s supposed to be around 5-hour journey to go and another 5 to get back (If you’re lucky).

Because we are not that lucky planning for this trip a couple of months ago, this weekend is the end of the Glastonbury Festival. That means that on the Sunday, I don’t know how many thousands people will be driving back to London. Fortunately Glastonbury is due west and Newcastle is on the north, but still, by the time we’ll be arriving to London, most roads will be packed. Although I’m thinking how amazing it would be for someone to invent teleportation, I hope that we’ll have some fun goofing around in the car (for hours and hours). I do really have to thank ‘JJ’ who will be our driver for the whole trip! He doesn’t really have to do that, but he will.

Beam me up Scotty

So, I wish to you all a nice weekend. “See” you next week… I’m leaving you with some Garfield posts:


  1. Safe trip. Hope you have a good time up there :-)

  2. Have a great weekend, Nik :-)

  3. Long drive, and I am guessing great least it's something different to do for the weekend.

    Have fun - and I wish I was at Glastonbury!

  4. As a SCOT(tie) with nephews in Newcastle let me say WORRIE Man!


  5. @Dyl Thanks. It was quite fun. I'll probably make a post about it

    @Cubby Cheers

    @SteveA Yes, being in Glastonbury might have been more fun...

    @MadeInScotland :-D