Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Grumpy old man…

Generally I am an optimistic person. I try and see the glass half full most of the times. I’ve also promised that I won’t be whining about things through this blog and I think that I’m managing that. (I think)…

However, there are some days (like today) that I can’t help thinking how wonderful it would be to simply be million miles from here!

The weather is abysmal! We are almost in midsummer but it feels like mid autumn, early winter.
My foot hurts. The cut I managed to do two days ago is still giving me troubles walking and is even affecting my sleep (especially if you’re like me twisting and turning at night which might result in sharp pain outbursts during the night).

After gym this morning, I went to get a cup of coffee as a normal human being, trying to ignore the pain the tight sport shoes had given me in the gym earlier. In front of me was a blonde with a ponytail, flip flop wearing, talking-on-the-phone-while-ordering girl! It really crossed my mind to struggle her. She was wearing flip flops although it was raining since yesterday, she didn’t know what kind of coffee to order, plus she wanted to find her wallet and pay while talking on the phone. She did this annoying gesture of holding her pink mobile phone between her elbow and ear while talking, placed her huge handbag on the counter while browsing I don’t know what to find her purse! I think the guy behind the counter was almost ready to start serving other people since the queue was getting bigger and bigger when she managed to find it! Still talking on the phone, she added sugar to her coffee and went to find a table!

Don't get me started about what's happening at work...

Ok, I feel better (and slightly embarrassed) now since I got this out of my chest. I’ve started singing in my head ‘I want to break free’ while NOT imagining myself vacuuming in a tight leather skirt!

It’s only two months and 20 days since my proper summer vacation, so I should be fine, right?


  1. I think we all fee llike that from time to time. I think you are generally a positive person, but if you were contatnyl happy/smiling it would be a bit wierd, no? I'm sure you will get better soon; at least when the weather does :-)

  2. i understand of ur doing very well.

    take care darling

  3. You sound totally normal to me...isn't that one of the reasons we all have blogs?
    It's the perfect way to vent and get out all of our frustrations.
    Lots of stores around here won't even wait on people if they're on their cell phones...they completely ignore them and move on to the next person in line.
    I love when that happens. :-)

  4. What's happening at work? :D

  5. We all have days like these...it means you need a vacation soon!

  6. @Mike Thanks. I'm trying to be a positive person.

    @Suf_n_Steve :-D

    @AJohnP Really? That would never happen here. It's the English courtesy...

    @Misiu It's a long story. I have lot's of stuff to do and some clients waiting to hear from me. I am also stuck in a piece of code I am trying to finish that irritates me.

    @SteveA Excatly my point. My proper summer vacation is in two months...

  7. i am right there with you: i hate people who stand in line and talk on the phone. there are a few times where i have looked right at the person and said, "you need to hang up your phone. you are just being rude."