Sunday, 20 June 2010

What is it in a name…

I had a very busy week, last week. I am not complaining though. I love it when it is like that. I had to go Essex (see picture) to some clients for an installation and also help prepare the new version of our software. My manager is away this week to a Greek island and everything had to be ready before his departure. Funnily enough it was me that had to stay late a couple of nights to work on stuff.


While having that whole hectic atmosphere in the office, I had my annual appraisal meeting. It went a little bit strange. My manager likes me. He knows he can depend on me and we work together quite well. He said some really nice stuff about me. What I didn’t like was my director’s comments. He said that I shouldn’t waste time on clients’ demands more than needed. Bear in mind that my job some days is to do technical support, meaning talking to clients to solve their problems. He probably needed to say something negative so that he will not give pay rises to us at the end of year.

I took this picture this Wednesday afternoon

That’s enough with work related issues. (It’s my excuse for not blogging enough this week). On a different matter:

I finished reading the ‘A million miles from Normal’ some days ago, written by my virtual blog friend Paige. I have to say that I loved it. If I really (really) had to find something negative to say, that would be that the plot was slightly predicable. It’s a romantic comedy however, so to be honest some things are expected. I only comment on something bad, so that you wouldn’t say I am totally subjective on her behalf.

On the other hand, it is a very well written story. I could totally see Sandra Bullock playing Rachel Marcus and someone like Dylan McDermott playing Jerrod. I loved the facebook updates comments here and there, giving a slightly different touch to the story. The characters are very real and the story as well. It’s a very entertaining story that I’d highly recommend for a relaxing summer read that you wouldn’t like to finish...By the way, is the ‘Five Roses’ tea that good?


I saw Robyn this week in Heaven. That’s a club in central London, part of the famous (?) ‘G-A-Y’ and ‘G-A-Y late’ venues.

While we were waiting in the queue to get into the club, there was a guy giving to the people waiting some wristbands. They were for something called ‘I blame Coco’. At first I thought they could be for a demonstration or something and I was trying to think who Coco is and what she did wrong. My mind even travelled to Coco Channel! What could she have done wrong? Was it a band against skirts or something?

We were then told that ‘I blame Coco’ is the name of the rock band supporting Robyn. The wristbands were passwords to download for free some of their songs. They were quite good actually. I liked them a lot.

I blame Coco live

Robyn was also a pleasant surprise. She has an amazing energy that she was able to transfer to the crowd. I danced and danced. It was amazing. I had a really nice out, that day.

Robyn live...


  1. I've been to Gay and a few other gay clubs in London.

    I hear you about the work thing - managers can be douche bags sometimes - they forget what it is like to be in your shoes - the power goes to their head - I don't think they mean that to happen - but I've seen it time and tide again...

    I'm craving a good gay bar - I'll be in Boston soon - so I'll be in a few!

  2. I saw Robyn on Sat. Didnt like her!
    And I Blame Coco is a great band!! I love that singer

  3. I'm anxiously awaiting my own raise. At my company, your appraisal, your bonus, and your raise are all three separate events that occur at three separate parts of the year. So far, so good... but this year's been killing me slowly, so my work output has suffered, I think. We'll see in a few days.

  4. I would have thought Coco referred to Conan O'Brien, but how would folks in Britain know anything about him?

    Re: your appraisal -- many times bosses must make negative remarks, otherwise they get in trouble for being too positive in their employee's reviews. Could this be the case?

  5. @SteveA Boston should a fair amount of good bars to visit (I 'd think). The boss made the same kind of bad comments to everybody. I think that my theory stands.

    @Misiu I don't know how it was on Saturday. Maybe it was more crowded and she was tired. I really did like her.

    @Gauss_Jordan How can the bonus, raise and appraisal be separated? They can be happening on different times of the year but they are connected. Good luck with yours.

    @Cubby You're right. I don't know anything about him. Who's Conan O'Brien? He was making positive comments the last years. It's the economic crisis that's affecting him. Who knows? You could be right though...