Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Future plans…

I started my week working for a little bit more than 12 hours. That was not a nice Monday. What was most irritating was the fact that it wasn’t my fault. They forgot to tell me that the next day’s visit to a client included stuff that I didn’t know about, that needed preparation! Oops, indeed…
At least I got the time off in lieu which I can use in the next 4 weeks. I smell a long weekend soon…
On a slightly different matter: I was recently enjoying a nice cup of java with my housemate. She turned around at some point, looked me in my eyes and asked me:“Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years”?My first reaction was laughter. When I managed to put myself together, I realized that I had absolutely no idea where I’d like to be in 5 years.

When I confessed that to her, she admitted not having any goals in her life as well, but she’d like to change that. She fears that having no goals in your life can make you wonder aimlessly for years, not achieving anything in your life.That thought put me slightly at unease.

I’ve always respected the saying: ‘Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans’! There are so many unpredictable variables in life that can totally change your direction, make you see things differently and make unusual choices. I am not a fatalist though. I know that if you want to achieve something in life, you have to provoke Fate and try your best. Since I was in the first year of my university in Greece, I always wanted to finish a Postgraduate degree in London and stay to work. After some years, I’ve arranged it so and here I am!So? What happens next? Where would I truly be in 5 to 6 years time? (I say 6 because I’ll be 35 by then).

In order to reply to that question, I was trying to find first which things would make me happy. I don’t want to be too materialistic but the first thing that came to my mind was physical possessions. I’d like to probably own, or be in the process of buying a house.

Will I be in the financial position to do something like that? Most likely not in my current job! That thought made me question my next career move. I wouldn’t like to be in the same job in five years. I like it, but in a small company like mine, there is no prospect of development. If I stay here, I’ll probably be doing the same thing in 6 years which I wouldn’t like. I’ve already planned acquiring a certificate in programming, but until now I haven’t taken it very seriously. I wanted to take the exam until the end of June, that was my New Year’s resolution, but I cannot see that happening any time soon. So, I have to alter that plan, but stick to it…

So, I’d like to have a better job and probably be looking for a place to buy. What about my personal life? Would I like to be with ‘JJ’ in 6 years? Will I be living with him?I’d like to be with someone in 6 years and have the maturity to settle down, live happily with someone and maybe own a pet. (I’ve always wanted a dog or a cat and never had one. Getting a dog means to me that I am responsible enough to own it. I’d never get one now with the hectic lifestyle I have). I don’t know however if I can see myself with ‘JJ’ in 6 years (is that bad?). I wouldn’t mind if I was, but I just don’t know if I will be. I can’t think that much ahead for that…

What I’d really love to do in the next 6 years is finish a marathon (waiting for my application to be approved), dive in various clean blue sea waters (at least in Greece this summer) and do more fundraising for NGOs (running for Cancer Research each year, volunteering for ‘Action Against Hunger’ etc). Can I also ask for a trip to South America and Australia?

However, all this planning made me think something completely different. What if after all this planning and dreams nothing comes to life? Am I setting myself to be extremely disappointed all by myself? And even if I do realize my plans, will I be truly happy? Will it be worth it?

I have some more brainstorming to do on how I will achieve my goals...


Greece National Football team said goodbye yesterday to the World Cup. I’m leaving you with some pictures of our really good looking goalkeeper who did an amazing job yesterday:


  1. I must say there has been some really goodlooking gents in this world cup.

  2. thoughts on the future can be daunting. I still dont know exactly where I want to be. just the usual cliche of "happy and comfortable" although, that is just as scary methinks.

  3. Nik Darling

    i'm not complaining for quiting my 5 figure's teaching position from Columbia Uni. before... indeed i feel Thanks God! heheheh

    i plan for a family breakthrough with my hubby and daughter for few month before i've get myself into health problem!

    and now i'm back on my two feet and working with a pay 3 times better from my previous job and earn enough respect!

    future is so unpredictable babe!

    i give u one piece of advice here "work like u goin to live for hundred years but pray too like u goin to die tonight!"

    we work our dream!

  4. mmm - he is nice.

    the thing I have learned is just go for it!! And don't put things off; do it as soon as you can.


  5. @JCLL Indeed. I am not going to disagree on that.

    @wozzel I like the idea of "happy and comfortable"... I'll think about it

    @Suf_n_Steve Exactly my point... Future is unpredictable...

    @MadeInScotland OK. 'Don't put things off' is a good advice. Thanks