Friday, 28 May 2010


I feel slightly like the people queuing overnight outside an Apple store, waiting to get the new ipad!

After 19 hours of traveling 'JJ' is finally in Europe! He has of course some more hours to wait (it can't be that easy, can it?) and then he'll fly to London Heathrow!


  1. Calm the anticipation with a martini! Good luck and thanks again for the before and after pics - I did find them cute!

  2. NO!
    Waiting for the love of your life is normal!
    You shouldn't compare it with waiting for something completely useless like an iPad!
    An iPhone, maybe... a new mac... perhaps.. But the iPad is the most useless creation ever! Why would people spend money on something that is not easy to carry or use!

    Compare the qualities of an iPad to JJ! :P

    I know where I would spend my money! :D

  3. @SteveA Martini? yes... I could have done that... Next time maybe

    @Misiu I used ipad as an example since it is the most recent one! It was on the papers everywhere! Comparing JJ to ipad? lol... that's a nice one. I should buy an ipad first to test, but I do not see that happening soon