Friday, 21 May 2010

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There are some things happening around the globe that caught my attention the last few days. I’m going to start with something not that important, proceed to a very serious event and finish with a weird one.First of all, have you seen the new Olympics 2012 mascots? No? Meet Wenlock and Mandeville:

Munch Wenlock is considered to be the birthplace of modern Olympics where Baron Pierre de Coubertin visited the town in 1890 and took inspiration from the annual Games that were taking place there. Stoke Mandeville was where the Paralympics movement began.

I believe they look quite cute. Although I am not sure how they will look like in stuffed toys. They reminded me of the one-eyed monster in ‘Monsters Inc’. Was he called Mike Wazowski or something? I don’t know why they made them like Cyclopes? Maybe they seem cuter like that.

Funnily enough I think that they look similar to the Greek mascots if you cut out the enormous legs. They have the same colours, hairstyle and posture. Maybe it’s just me… I wasn’t very fond of Phevos and Athena anyway… I liked the idea that originated them though. What do you think?


On a far more serious matter, two homosexuals were convicted in Malawi to spend 14 years in jail for being gay.

They were both adults, celebrating their engagement on December when they got arrested. Judge Nyakwawa Usiwa-Usiwa told the pair: "I will give you a scaring sentence so that the public be protected from people like you, so that we are not tempted to emulate this horrendous example."

What I find quite scary is that in a country where the 40% of the development budget comes from donors, BBC reporters say the government has come under pressure from Western donors over the issue.

I can’t help but wonder what kind of influence do these donors apply? Is this not pure blackmail over developing countries?


I will finish my news update with Nicolas Cage aka ‘Big Daddy’. Yes, him:

I don’t know what people do in Hollywood? Do they stay too long under the sun? Are they exposed to radiation or something? Or are they simply high all the time?

Mr. Cage stated that he eats food according to the way the animal procreates.
"I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex,""I think [they] are very dignified with sex.”
"But pigs, not so much. So I don't eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl."

OK, I had to google it. How do pigs have sex?

What is weird about pigs is that the pig’s penis looks like a corkscrew and is 2 foot long. (That sounds funny, not undignified.) The board inserts the penis into the vulva and locks for about 15 minutes. After he finishes, he dismounts and usually goes to find a mudhole if available and relaxes being very satisfied with himself (good for him). Some are very aggressive and grunt and run the fence looking for a boar in reproduction season (humans do that as well). If all was successful they will have pigs 114 days later and hopefully have 9-15 good lively piglets that weigh 1-2 pounds.

I’m sorry but I do not see something undignified in that! How is that different to the way Nicolas is having sex? As far as I know fish (some of them at least) only lay eggs and the male just releases sperm over them! That means that technically the male just ejaculates in front of everybody over some eggs. How is that more noble?

Also, if you are not eating pork, you are missing stuff like that:

Ok, what to expect from a guy who named his son "Kal-El"?

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