Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Beginning of summer?

It was about time I wrote a new post. I couldn’t have Baldwin’s picture as my latest post any longer! I saw it in a friend’s and follower’s website as my latest post and I was shocked. It’s so distasteful it’s not funny more. I just hope you all donated some money to a good cause, making a good Christian wealthy again… No? Shame on you! Lol…

I’m in quite a good mood today (which will probably be ruined in the next few hours at work but anyway). After gym I was able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee as I normally do before work. What was really interesting was the fact that I had my coffee OUTSIDE, without wearing a jacket! During this year’s London, doing something like that is remarkable! We had a couple of weeks or sunny spells but it was quickly followed by more rain and cold. It even snowed in the north beginning of May. But we’re expecting the temperature to get better and we might be seeing the Sun more! It might (of course) rain a bit the next few days, but they promised a sunny warm weekend. OK, I know. Most of the times they don’t know what they’re talking about, but it would be so nice…

Unfortunately, since it is the beginning of summer I’m starting again my treatments to get rid of some of the excessive hair I do have (all over my body). Since I don’t want to be the only Chewbacca of the beach, without being too picky about it, I booked an appointment to have my back and shoulders cleaned. Fortunately, ‘JJ’ doesn’t mind a bit but it is something I want to do for myself. For those of you out there who do not know the ‘pleasures’ of waxing, sugaring or laser, YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!! It is SO much fun spending almost an hour on the bed of pain and also paying quite some money for it…

On a happier note I can’t wait for my boyfriend to get back. He’s been gone for a week and will be gone for a week more. I miss him. I’m thinking of taking some time off work and either go to pick him up from the airport or find one of his roommates to sneak me in his bedroom to wait for him. Probably the latter seems nicer, but I can’t trust his housemate that I’ve found through facebook to keep it quite. I also don’t know if he’ll be at home or working. I don’t really like him that much (that’s my boyfriend’s housemate, not my boyfriend)…


  1. I miss the sun as's cold and rainy here until at least tomorrow.

  2. Just go pick him up from the airport! He ll be thrilled to see you waiting there! :D

  3. Sunny times - love it...good luck with the waxing!

  4. darling,

    awwww, i wax my butt and tight once in every 2 dont tell me the pain! yuck

    ohhh u missed ur bf so much, and that is the reasons why i hate Love Shortcoming.

  5. @AJohnP It was slightly sunny for a while and we now are back to cloudy (again). BOO indeed

    @Misiu I agree. He thinks I will be working then. I hope he will be happy

    @SteveA It's laser. I'm hoping for more permanent results...

    @Suf_n_Steve I used to wax, but not anymore. I find laser sessions have better results…

  6. I agree you should pick him up from the airport. It's more romantic than suprising him at home after a long journey across London (which would be almost as nice, to be sure). I'm so glad the weather is warming up - long may it continue to be warm and pleasant weather-wise and love wise :-)

  7. @Mike. I agree. That is what I'll most likely do. Thanks

  8. About the weather - is it being affected by the ash? Are they talking about the long term effects?

  9. @Sean I have no idea how much the ash is affecting the weather, increasing the greenhouse effect. No one mentioned it yet...