Monday, 24 May 2010

Heat wave…

Heat wave…

We had an amazing weekend, the hottest day of the year so far. It was so nice! Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay under the sun but I managed to enjoy it!

I went on Saturday to get my back and shoulders done! I have some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures but I thought that I wouldn’t like to start this week blogging by uploading some slightly gross pictures. I have a picture of how my back normally looked. I have another after my housemate started ‘drawing’ things on my back while shaving me (yes, it was that hairy) and after I had it shaved. Finally I have a picture with all the red spots and the waves of the laser treatment which I am now trying to get rid off. I hope that my back will be clean by the time ‘JJ’ comes back on Friday! It was quite painful while under the laser but it I haven’t felt a thing afterwards. Neither itching nor pain, just a slightly stiffness that went away by the end of the day. I am lucky that my skin is like that.

Anyway, after I finished all that, I joined my friends for a lovely picnic in Kensington gardens. I have to say that it was utterly packed! We managed to find a nice spot next to a huge oak tree where I could find some shade and practice my ‘people watching’. We had so much fun. We brought some wine (of course) and we tried to have only healthy snacks. We had couscous and tzatziki with carrot sticks, bread sticks, strawberries and grapes!

Of course, after sitting there for more than 5 hours we decided to have some proper dinner! We tried our best to stay healthy but we ended up in ‘Rodizio Rico’! That’s a Brazilian buffet restaurant for meat eating people! We had the best of intentions on the beginning of the day, I promise!

Yesterday was similar. We decided to get our Sunday papers and head to a nice place by the river. We went to ‘riverside studios’ and we sat there, on the terrace, overlooking the Thames and Hammersmith Bridge. A friend of mine and I, we were there from noon till 5:45 in the evening! We had friends coming for a coffee, having brunch and then leaving to be replaced by other friends! The waiters loved us because with each new arrival, we were ordering more drinks, coffees and food. It was the perfect lazy Sunday. I had to stay under an umbrella for the whole day again, but I am not complaining. I’ll get a tan after two weeks and it will be sunny again!

The view from Riverside Studios Terrace


On a very different matter, MadeInScotland kindly mentioned that he has troubles leaving me comments! Do others have similar issues? I am not sure exactly what to do if the problem does exist, so any suggestions are much appreciated! I know that you will not be able to let me know about it (since you cannot leave comments), but my email address is easily found.


Changing subject again!
I’ve been reading the second book of the ‘millennium trilogy’ by Larrson. I find it quite enjoyable and interesting. What I would like to comment is about what is written on the back cover of the book! It is stated there that a murder occurs and the main character of the book is the main suspect! Now, tell me why do they disclose that there? Honestly, who was the genius of the publishing company called ‘Quercus Publishing Plc’ that thought to write that?

The murder occurs on the 200th page which is almost half way through the book! It’s a very serious incident (it’s a murder, duh!) and a twist in the plot that I would prefer being surprised about than warned! The fact that the main character is a prime suspect is revealed some pages after that! I thought that the killing would take place in the first 20 or 30 pages of the book since it was written on the back cover! That would be understandable to reveal! Why would someone ruin the book like that? I only hope there is another twist in the plot later on…


  1. Your Sunday sounds great and like fun. Please post those before and after pics!

    Well I hope you get this - I have not really had trouble in posting!

  2. No probs leaving comments here.
    I don't know why someone would spoil the book like that. And even if there's another twist - they already told you the first one.
    Anyhoo. Keep reading and let us know.

  3. @SteveA Are you sure you want the before and after shots? OK, I might do...

    @Juz thanks for that. I haven't finished the book, although I am getting close to the end. I'll let you know.