Friday, 14 May 2010


I’ve been having some difficulties climbing stairs today… It’s my buttocks and legs. They hurt…
A lot…

No, don’t think of anything dirty (I don’t know what they call it that, it’s not that dirty (all the time)). My personal torturer (aka trainer) is the cause. We did all kinds of crazy stuff in the gym yesterday...

There are some exercises I like and enjoy and some that I loathe. I don’t mind that much simple stuff, like pushups or working on my triceps or back. Unless of course we start doing the things that our p.t. wants us to do. For example pushups can be fun. Pushups with both your legs on one small medicine ball and both your hands on another, makes the exercise a little bit more challenging. Especially you’ve some other weird stuff that put strain on your muscles already.

with another ball for your feet

I don’t like stairs…


  1. Hey! I'm sorry you're all hurty. I hope you feel better soon; or at least it becomes a good pain. I'm sure you'll feel the benefit soon... show us some pics of your rippling gorgeousness ;-)

  2. I know from experience that PTs know what they're talking about. They worked me hard, but man, my back is SO much better.

  3. I'm so much better now. Thanks... I know that PT know what they're doing. I do enjoy working out with them. Mine has done miracles with me. :-)

  4. I'm right there with you with the sore arse, though I don't have a PT to blame it on, it was all my own fault. Hope you get better soon though :D