Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Things I don’t understand...

Maybe I am not that bright but there are some things I really cannot understand. Am I missing something? Please help me out… I was thinking that while I was watching ‘National Movie Awards 2010’ on the telly and changing channels.

1. The twilight saga! Really? Honestly? I wasn’t able to finish the first one and I think that now we are in number 3!

2. Magnum Gold commercials with Benicio Del Toro! What would he do that? With an Angelina Jolie look alike?

3. People’s overpowering love over Glee! I agree that some episodes / moments are nice. I’ve even laughed while watching it. I like the fact that it can be cynical and ruthless. However, in most cases it is so tacky and predictable it’s boring! I’d only watch it if there is nothing else on…

4. Justin Bieber. I simply have no comments…

5. MTV Cribs or other reality shows like the ‘My sweet 16’. Can anything be any less meaningful or more materialistic?


  1. Twilight - I guess the stir is because of the hotties in there - Robert Patterson and the hunkie wolf boy appeals to both girls and guys (well gay guys) - they are quite cute. The story is simple and a bit entertaining. To me it was easy to follow and I liked that.

    Glee - I agree. I've watched a few episodes but it seems to be a phenomenon. Maybe I am also missing something here.

    Justin Bieber - I don't get it. He can;t sing and it's just another pop act who sounds too rehearsed and over-produced. Despite this have you seen how many screaming girls there are over him?

    Good honest post!

  2. @SteveA Ok, I'm sorry but I can't find Patterson sexy. I don't like the look on his face. He looks slightly arrogant and cocky. If we're talking about the same wolf man, yes I agree. He is very cute.

  3. Oh come on Nik... you gotta love Justin... SHE is amazing! :P

  4. @Misiu lol... If you put it like that...

  5. The Economics of All Entertainment is simply


    awwwwww! nice shaving btw! i used French oil to ease the pain (ouch) and the stretch marks!

  6. I don't get it, either.

  7. @SUf_n_Steve There is entertainment and there is entertainment! There are categories...

    @erik thanks...