Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tuesday rambling…

I’m flying off to Greece for Christmas tomorrow. I’m staying there until the first weekend of January! YAY!
I am really counting the hours. I haven’t been to my hometown since August which is not that long, but I‘d love to see my old friends and spent hours with them. That would imply of course that my airport will be open that my flight will not be canceled.

I really can’t believe the amount of problems caused by the weather which to be honest wasn’t that bad anyway! Eurostar has not been working for days before today, there were problems on the tube, cancelations and delays on almost all airports and people stranded for hours in roads waiting in their cars. This happens every year and it is getting ridiculous. The weather forecast was clear that there would be snow, but there was nothing done about it. I can understand when there are exceptionally difficult weather conditions for these things to happen, but the snow wasn’t that much in most cases.

On Channel 4 news yesterday they mentioned that the Eurostar trains can normally deal with snow. However, this time because the snow was so fluffy the problems were created! It has to do with the change of temperature when the trains go in and out of the tunnel and humidity. WTF? Who are they kidding? The announcement that they ‘strongly recommend customers whose journeys are not essential not to travel’ is simply hilarious. It’s Christmas, ALL journeys are essential:

OK, I think I’ve complained enough about it.

I’m spending my last night with JJ tonight before going away for 10 days. We’ll go and see the ‘Avatar’ in 3D and he’s staying over after that. That’s very nice of him because the movie is quite long, finishing quite late, and he will have to leave my home tomorrow morning before 6:30 to go to work. If you add dinner and some night ‘fun’, I can’t see myself or him sleeping much tonight. :-p

On a very different subject that can be titled ‘What were you thinking?’ I mentioned to ‘A’ that I’ll be in Greece the following week. Because Fate likes playing games I found him on msn yesterday after not having seen him online in ages. He started chatting with me (which also normally doesn’t happen) so I blurred out that I’m coming for Christmas and we might meet for a coffee!!! ‘A’ is a complete twat who was the very first gay man I met, who I fell for and had my heart broken. I haven’t told the story about how things ended between us, but I’ve mentioned how we met (in two parts).

Since he was the first gay man I met, he meant the world to me. I thought that he was the only one in the whole world who could understand me and I felt so attracted to him. The combination of him being artistic (piano player), athletic (long distance swimmer) but a complete slut lead to many problems. The story ended with me hitting rock bottom, being amazing insecure and depressed. (I managed to rise above that in time).

I haven’t seen him in probably more than 4 years (very happy years) but we somehow kept in touch. He lives in Germany now with his Greek boyfriend, still studying and still living with his parents’ money (loser)! I know that it shouldn’t matter but I can’t help it. I want to see him and take some kind of ‘revenge’. It’s probably too petty of me, but I want to prove to that twat that I’ve grown from that inexperienced, insecure chubby boy.
I know that it shouldn’t be like that. I know who I am, where I come from and if and how much I’m worth… I really do…
I am just sometimes a very sad person… I’ll go live under a bridge now or something…


  1. Re A, it might be good to see him, lay some demons etc. It'll probably be a let down in terms of you feeling revenge - only because from what you've said before you've got past that by now.

    Hope you have a safe flight. :-)

  2. Good luck with the travel arrangements. We're at the airport and I'm stressing bigtime...

    Made in Scotland: At The Airport Stress

  3. You are right about A. It will probably not be worth it, at all.

  4. @MadeInScotland Why was the flight cancelled? There was just cold yesterday. It didn't even snow. Is it the weather in Dundee?
    I'm flying from Heathrow... Hoping for the best
    All the best to you...

  5. It was about minus 4C first thing in Dundee, so they couldn't get the airport operating on time. But, we made it eventually.