Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Avatar and Comic books…

I saw Avatar yesterday and I have to say that it was really good. The direction, photography and visual effects were brilliant. I saw the 3D version that was really stunning. The plot was a bit predictable but not to an irritating degree. For example you knew some things would happen but the scene describing them was not endlessly dragged. JJ loved it. I do recommend it as an action sci-fi movie to be seen. (The main actor is soooo good looking as well)

I haven’t even started packing yet (my flight is due this evening) but at least I’m finished with my Christmas shopping. I just hope I’ll be able to fit all of them in my language with the clothes needed. The only one I haven’t bought a present for, yet, is me. I wanted to get me something small and useful. Normally I don’t buy myself clothes or other boring things like that for Christmas. I go for a PC Game, PSP Game, Comic / Graphic Novel, DVD or a book (I’m a geek, I know).

This year I wanted to find a good comic album…

Recently, I’ve realized that I can no longer follow all the major crossovers published by Marvel. (I’m sorry but if you do not know Marvel, X-Men or what a crossover is, the following will be very boring to you.) I’ve began to realize that you might have to buy general magazines like ‘Wizard’ to keep track of them and to be honest, I cannot be bothered chasing these on top of everything else.

I thought that if I was buying the graphic novels / albums, I would be OK. I normally go for the X titles (X-Men, X-Force etc) and in the past, they had their own crossovers and it was slightly easier to get some really good storylines with characters I knew. I bought many of them in the past, like the ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’ (amazing and classic), the ‘X-cutioners song’ (interesting storyline) or the ‘Mutant Massacre’ (included other, non X, characters but very interesting story as well).

From the recent major crossovers I’ve enjoyed the ‘Civil War’ and the ‘House of M’ very much. I managed to get the main story album and not how it affected the individual teams and heroes. I really had to try though and find them. I remember buying an individual ‘house of M’ title when it was originally released that featured Brian Braddock and Psylocke and I was like ‘what is going on now?’

Now with the ‘Secret Invasion’ or ‘Dark Reign’ I feel confused again. I refuse to keep on buying all these different comics just to understand what is going on. I think that alternatively I’ll need all Marvel publications for that, from Fantastic Four to Avengers to X-Men. Of course it’s a sales scheme to get more comic books sold, but I think I’ll pass. Am I the only one thinking like that?

So, I’ll try to find and buy some of the old major crossovers. One that I always wanted was the ‘Fatal Attractions’, but I can’t seem to find it in a reasonable price anywhere (any suggestions?). I’m also missing some important storylines like the transformation of Angel to Archangel (the first time), how Bishop joined the X-Men or the ‘New Mutants’ became ‘X-Force’ but I don’t even know the name of these stories (yet). Alternatively, I’ll settle with ‘Onslaught’ or the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ though I have most of the individual titles for these…


  1. I have so many suggestions! :-)

    You don't mention 'Inferno' in that X-Men crossover list above. That was a bloody good plot.

    If you want others to look at over and above the X-titles you could take a gander at Guardians of the Galaxy (3rd hardcover out tomorrow) and the War of Kings hardcover which came out last month. GotG particularly is a fun read.

    Classic Excalibur trades are also worth a try.

    I'm picking up the new X-Force, GotG, Ms Marvel and Sinister Spider-Man trades tomorrow.

    As another option, away from the Marvel universe, Wildstorm's The Authority has been fantastic over the years with a couple of great gay characters and very dry humour. The first trade is called The Authority: Relentless.

  2. Merry Xmas and Joly Good Holiday!

    Have fun-fun-fun and joyous seasons

    with love

    p/s make sure u'll tell us about ur revenge!

  3. @Dyl. Thanks for that. I knew I could count on you for suggestions.
    I alredy have 'Inferno'. I will definitely check the titles you mention. I know and like the new X-force and the old Excalibur. The GoTG and the Authority looks really good.

    @Suf n Steve. Merry Christmas! I will tell you what happened. :-p