Tuesday, 1 December 2009


It’s national awareness against AIDS day.
I am probably too ‘little’ and the least proficient person to talk about it. However, I feel that it’s my responsibility to mention it. I was way too young and living in an isolated small town when the plague called AIDS began in early 80's. I cannot even start to feel how the people in other places of the world felt when they started losing friends and loved ones from a virus not yet identified and treated. And the fact that some people reacted happily saying that AIDS is God’s respond to homosexuals is so infuriating I can’t even begin to think about!

In Greece things are so backwards and conservative that HIV+ people are marginalised and ignored. I cannot believe that the number of positive people is so small and I never met one. Can I be 28 years old and I never came across a positive Greek person yet? I really do not know how these people can find the strength and support to fight it.

Funnily enough though, major British newspaper, do not mention AIDS today in their front page in big bold letters. Most of them present a slideshow of pictures, old posters and relevant photographs, mentioned in a corner of their webpage. You really have to look for them to find them. Why? Is AIDS not as threatening as in the past? WHO and Unicef are talking about 20.8 million people and 2 million children affected at the end of 2007.

There is a new trend in gay porn regarding barebacking. There was a series of articles regarding porn actors being affected because of this trend. I know that the ‘forbidden’ or ‘dangerous’ does have an appeal, but now, more than ever, people should be aware of the dangers involve and try to be safe…

I was chatting to a young, cute German some time ago in a dating site. The same day I had received my negative test HIV results. I was happy for that, so I mentioned it to him. He stopped talking to me after that. I made him admit that he didn’t like me mentioning the sex clinic and I was kind of amazed. He said that he does go to be checked but me mentioning it was a major turn off for him. I am still puzzled why. OK, it probably isn’t a small talk topic, but I wanted to tell him that I like being safe and I didn’t think it would be him off so much, not to talk to me again…

Anyway, I still do believe that I am too small to talk about ‘AIDS’ and I haven't even touch such a huge subject today. Please, if you are not already doing it, take action against it and also try helping in any way that you can…


  1. Just a note on the German. I commend you for stating that. More people should. It is because people don’t talk about this epidemic that it is so out of control.

  2. It's definately a topic that needs more awareness and its a shame that there has to be an 'aids day' to do that. Its your responsibility to yourself and your partners to get tested regularly, and more people should. The german guy is silly for being so closed off about the subject. Maybe feeling guilty?


  3. Thanks for posting such a timely topic! It amazes me how many Sydney guys are so flippant about doing bareback. They seem to think that a cure will just magically arrive.

    Nice post regardless! and Greeks are hot!

  4. I agree with all of you. Thank you for the comments. The more people talk about it the better it is. There were news that a vaccination was found that increases the natural body defences. These are great news but not a cure. People just don't pay as much attention as they should.

    PS. 'Salacious Soul'. I can't speak for all Greeks but thanks! Some of us are hot... :-p