Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Summer vacation 2009!

In two days time I’ll be finally going away for my summer vacation. As I always try to remind myself it’s better late than never! Almost everybody’s been away and already coming back and I still haven’t left! It’s because I wanted to gain an extra day from the upcoming bank holiday, that’s why I’m leaving that late! I’m planning to go to my beautiful, by the sea, small hometown in Greece. I haven’t been there since last August. I’ve been to Greece this year, but not my hometown.

My plans for that trip is try to do as less as possible. I’ve decided not to travel much to see old friends. I know it’s probably very selfish of me but I really cannot spend my holidays traveling back and forth to see everybody. I’ve been there and done that so many times it’s tiring. I will try to see them by inviting them over to my town. It’s nice, by the sea with beautiful beaches, so I am practically doing them a favor!
(I say that every time I fly back and I can never keep my promise – I miss some people so much).

I also plan to eat as much as possible of my mother’s food. I grew up with it. I love it and I miss having someone else cook for me. I will not be bothered at all about my upcoming run when I get back. I can’t be on a diet while being on vacations! I will probably drink a lot as well but I will just blame the heat! You simply must have a (or more) cold cocktail (or beer, or tequila, or vodka…) when the temperature goes over 30 degrees and flirts dangerously with 40 degrees.

In addition, I plan to stay as long as possible on a beach (any beach will do at the point I am now - I am desperate). I just need a beach reclining chair, a couple of my books (carefully chosen), cold coffee (greek frappe) and nice view. Oh and I shouldn't forget lot's of sun lotion...

By ‘nice view’ I mean the whole scenery of beautiful waves and really gorgeous suntanned guys (preferable playing summer sports). In a weird way, it is good that I can be distinguished from the crowd, since I’ll be the only guy being so pale. Apart from my head and arms my whole body is extremely white thanks to England’s nice weather! In Greece everybody’s suntanned by the end of August and I’ll be the only one who’s different. I hope that will attract some attention (unfortunately, not for a good cause)…

So, I wish everybody a belated happy summer. It’s not over, till we decide that it is!!!

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  1. That was me about a week ago on my first vacation for the summer. Managed to use an entire bottle of sun screen in less than a week. Haha.