Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ginger Man, Part 2

GingerMan was waiting for me. He was wearing a loose shirt, a dark blue pair of jeans, sport shoes and a light jacket. He had a big smile on his face and greeted me accordingly. We started walking from the station to his place. He was very pleasant and the conversation was flowing easily. I remember we were laughing about the misunderstanding over the text messages (Ginger Man, Part 1), about who’s idea was it to meet at the middle of the night, when we arrived at his place.

His place is a very nice one bedroom flat in a newly built block of flats. Everything looks quite new and they even have their own gym, garden and patios. That’s probably the only advantage living in the middle of nowhere. You can buy a new flat, in a rather reasonable price, but you have to live in a rather isolated place. I wouldn’t do that to myself yet (although I can see some advantages).

He opened a bottle of white wine and we started a nice relaxing conversation. I was beginning to feel at ease and enjoying myself (yes, the wine does help on that). At some point we kissed and I started feeling even happier having making the choice to actually go there. We must have spent approximately 2 hours discussing about TOTALLY unimportant stuff like food we like, favourite vacation spots and theatre plays we’ve enjoyed when we decided it was time to move on.

I started feeling a bit awkward and self-conscious but I had to take a shower. I had already asked for one, but still I couldn’t decide exactly on how to behave. I mean, he obviously wanted to see me naked (fortunately) and I couldn’t pretend I was that shy or prudent that I had to hide myself. Also, I didn’t want to cause too much hassle. It was his place after all. It’s like when you are in the cinema and you want to pass over some people to reach the corridor and you’re thinking whether they should see your crotch or bum. Anyway, I pulled myself together and I stripped while he was bringing me a fresh clean towel. He stood there for a couple of seconds watching me shower which I found quite exciting. He even lit two candles in the bathroom even if I was alone.

After I finished at the shower he was waiting for me in the bedroom when the really fun began! I have to say that I really enjoyed that. It can be a bit weird having sex with someone for the very first time. Maybe weird is not the correct word, let’s say different. You are still not used to that person tastes and dislikes. However, I have to say that GingerMan and I, we seemed to be quite compatible and had a good time.

I can’t say that I slept very well that night but who cares? I woke up really early because the room was way too bright for my taste and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I spent a couple, a bit frustrating, hours twisting and turning but I didn’t want to wake him up (although I think I was waking him up every time I moved). Thankfully, at some point he woke up and we had a little bit more fun. At some point, we shared a cup of coffee and he also offered me pain au chocolat for breakfast. I didn’t stay long because his mates were coming to watch that day’s football matches.

Overall I had a really nice time and I would like to see him again. I hope he does feel the same way. It’s just bad luck that his favourite team lost that day and he was feeling a bit sad about it. However, I did enjoy the fact that we talked about it the very same day (always a good sign) and agreed on different ways I could have made him forget about it if I was there…


  1. Way to go, traveling to the burbs for a meet up is a role of the dice. Sounds like you made out.

  2. Wouldn't it be cool to read Gingerman's version of this? :-)
    Thanks for sharing. Hope it ends up going the way you want.

  3. Hello Dyl,
    I would be interested in hearing his point of view too. Is there something specific that made you make the comment? Maybe you're reading something between the lines that I'm missing.

    StevieB, thanks for the comment.