Sunday, 9 August 2009


This Saturday has been quite weird and so much fun. I had my ups and downs.

Saturday morning: Up! I went running by the river. I really do love that route, 5.2 miles overall. Running helps me clear my mind so much. I really do enjoy it. I never expected that to happen since I am a slightly geeky person working with computers, reading all the time and never that much into sports. Strange…

Saturday afternoon – early evening: Down! I had hair removed from my back with laser in a private clinic. Removing that part of my body’s hair is something that I always wanted. I have (had) a really hairy back that I felt ashamed off. For those that do not know how that’s done, I went to the clinic on the fixed time and the beautician (?) applied a layer of anaesthetic / antiseptic cream on my back, wrapped me with transparent wrap and covered me with towels. I was supposed to stay like that for an hour and fifteen minutes to absorb the lotion. I tried to argue that I should be able to walk around but she didn’t let me. I just sat there and read my book. I was reading ‘Engulfed in Flames’ because I thought that’s appropriate. After I finished reading the book, the time passed and I had the ‘procedure’. Yes, it is painful and left me feeling numb for some hours afterwards. The good thing is that after my back’s healed (eventually), I will have the smoothest back (that cost around £250 per session).
I do not know if I should worry about being addicted to cosmetic procedures and operations. Is this the beginning of a Botox, fake noses and tummy tucks career? Will I end up like Cher?

Saturday night – UP! After putting my pieces together, still having my back sore, I went to a really nice party hosted by the guy I am recently dating, called ‘D’. I’ll devote a whole chapter on the guy called ‘D’ later on. I have to say though that I had a wonderful time. The dinner party was really fun. We ate, exchanged some presents as agreed beforehand and danced. Mojito was running non stop. At some point, ‘D’s housemates and friends decided to go clubbing, leaving me and ‘D’ alone at the house. Then, the two of us had our own party. I have to say that it’s one of the best, if not the best sex I even had. A little bit of alcohol and help you express yourself, be calm and enjoy what’s happening… I have to say I love mojito!!!


  1. Oooh! Where did you get it done? How many treatments did/will you have? Would you recommend it?

  2. I went to Renew Medica as suggested by a friend ( They try to sell a package of 6 sessions for the price of 5 but it's not obligatory. I was told though that probably 3 or 4 could be enough.
    It was my first session. It went well. No side effects and less painfull. I think that it's worth it.
    We'll see...

  3. How is it working out for you a few weeks on? I went for my first consultation today - the test patch was BLOODY painful but I'm not really sure I want to pay £100 for four tubes of anaesthetic cream either...! Did you do it with the anaesthetic or without? Has it been effective?

  4. Four tubes of anaesthetic? How come? Which area are you thinking of doing? Your whole body at once? I didn't find the patch test that painful (at least def less painful than waxing).
    I had 2 tubes (£50). I've never tried without so I can't compare. I don’t know if £100 is worth it. I think however that I’ll have the anaesthetic cream next time as well. (I’m not going to risk it – I do not like pain you see :-p)…

    I really do like the result though. I'm only left with some small patches of hair that will probably go away with the next sessions. I think it's worth it. I'm very happy I've decided to do it.

  5. Nice! Well I was going to do my back and shoulders. For some reason the nurse told me it would take four tubes - seemed a bit much to me (especially at £100 all-in!). but the, she also told me it would take 8-10 visits, which seemed a hell of a lot. I think she was trying to push a lot of products on me that I don't need. I definitely want to save £100 per visit if I can but the laser really did sting... maybe I'll have a couple of shots of something alcoholic before I go!

  6. Why don't you try another clinic? Do you really have to go to this one?
    I really can't think you're hairier than I was (it was really bad) and I think I'll be OK with 3 sessions. OK, the nurse was trying to sell me 6 (you get one for free then) but really! 8 - 10? That's ridiculous.

  7. I'm not toooo hairy... how many tubes did you use? Which clinic did you go to? Maybe I'll go to another Renew Medica.

  8. No, I think I was quite hairy. Front, elbows, back all connected. They used two tubes and I went to the one in Bayswater because I wanted to go during the weekend. I liked them

  9. I re-arranged my appointment for another Renew Medica clinic. They seemed much nicer and more professional over the phone than the first one I went to.

    Sorry to be pummeling you with lots of questions, but may I ask?

    For a few days after they did the test patch, my skin was puffy around where the laser had hit it. it seems to have gone down now, although the pores are still kind of black. Did this happen to you, too? How long did it take for your skin to return to "normal" after you had the treatment?

  10. Don't worry about it. You can email me if you want as well ( In which clinic will you go now? What have they told you about the tubes to be used?

    I think my skin was a bit red for a couple of days. You should see after the third day that it is healing. Have you used any cream on it?

    The pores remained black until the root of the hair just fell off while scrubbing / cleaning. That took around a week, if not a little more. The hair first starts to grow back and then just falls.

    I hope my info helps.