Monday, 17 August 2009

Ginger Man, Part 1

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve been chatting online on gaydar ( with a guy we’ll call GingerMan for obvious reasons. It’s started quite funny. We were chatting on a Thursday. He was quite cheeky and he started sending me a bit too naughty pictures and videos. He didn’t look extremely handsome but I was intrigued of the things he said. His answers were quite sharp and he seemed quite confident as a person which is always a plus. Also, he had ginger hair which I find quite sexy (he doesn't look like the guy on the picture, but...). I didn’t really pay too much attention to the whole conversation and I thought that that would be the end of it, when I ran into the guy in the tube two days later!

It was so random! I always thought that London is a big city but it is a very small world after all! I was listening to my music and also reading a book (I get bored quickly on the tube – it’s the same journey almost every single day) when I thought of checking out the people in the carriage. I know it’s a bit sleazy but from time to time, I like to take a look at what’s out there. Don’t judge me, everybody does it! So, I see three guys, chatting and laughing. One of them looked a bit camp so I paid a little bit more attention and the second guy looked a lot like GingerMan! I wasn’t 100% sure and I couldn’t just go to them and say: ‘hey, remember me? I’m the guy you’ve been sending naked pictures to the other day’. So, I just left it like that and decided that a message on gaydar would be much better.

Seeing GingerMan made me reconsider actually meeting him. He has an amazing deep, masculine, voice (with a weird accent that I couldn’t pinpoint) that I found very sexy. So, the next day I messaged him about it. It was him and we laughed about it a lot. He kept saying that I shouldn’t stalk people like that and I kept commenting that it’s above my powers and I can’t stop. We agreed on meeting in two weekends since he would be away on business (he travels a lot).

That weekend arrived and we agreed on meeting on Sunday evening. We were exchanging messages for that whole time. We got to the point of talking about VERY private stuff (fantasies, positions – you know… things that some people talk about after having met on gaydar) and I was very keen on meeting him. I would take the train and meet him around 7. He is a football fun and wanted to watch that day’s games. However, it wasn’t meant to be like that…

The day before, we were chatting through messages when I told him something like that: ‘I finished watching a movie with some friends, and I am on my way home. I couldn’t spend the night there, so…’. That was the misunderstanding. I used the word ‘so’ implying that since I couldn’t spend the night at my friends’, I was on my way. He understood that I was implying meeting then and that I was inviting myself to his place and he texted me about which train to get from which station!

I got all nervous again and a million things passed through my head. It was 11:00 at night. It would get me an hour to get to his place. Getting there was doable but that meant that I would have to spend the night since I didn’t know how to leave the area. However, if it came to that, I would find a night bus (or two or three) or something. Then the ‘gay’ worries hit me. Which underwear was I wearing, which underwear, did I look OK, did I smell OK (I know these are shallow worries but I couldn’t help myself, I spent the whole outdoors, in a summer warm day).

Completely by chance, I was a tube stop away from the needed train station. Maybe it was fate trying to tell me something. I also thought that it would be better taking the chance and regretting going than non going, even if it meant spending 3 hours on night busses getting home. In addition, it would be much better meeting him on a Saturday night, than on Sunday, a school night. So, I got off the tube…

We exchanged some text messages about how to get there (zone 6 of London to me is English country side) and I was on my way. I suggested taking a shower when I would get there and he was more than happy to say yes. From what we’ve been saying the previous days, sex of course was on the table. I wasn’t going there just for the fun to see the ‘suburbs’ of London.

So, after spending half an hour in a very busy train, I was getting very nervous when I finally arrived. GingerMan was waiting for me on the platform. He looked a bit stressed as well, which made me feel calmer. That was the begging of quite an interesting night…


  1. The suspense is killing me!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I take it as a compliment... Part 2 is on it's way...
    (I hope you're making fun of me... lol
    It's my first attempt at writing a blog...)