Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Busy like a bee…

I had visitors staying over for the past days. For me and my housemate, that is not great news. We frequently have people coming and going and we enjoy having them. We laugh about creating a guest log to know when we are booked and for how long. Of course we enjoy some people more than others. That mostly depends (apart from how much we like them) on how dependant or independent they are, whining about everything and tiring they can be.

The people we had now visiting, used to live in London for a long time which means that they knew how to commute in the city, had their own friends to see and things to do. That was a huge relief since I am getting closer to my exams and I am spending lots of time studying (or sitting on top of my laptop trying to concentrate to study). However, we were meeting each evening to go out. We went to a nice restaurant in central London, got drunk in an amazing Greek restaurant in South London (that was an amazing Greek-South African night), had Persian food and went to a party on Saturday night. Yes, I am not complaining. We were busy.

Especially the Greek restaurant night was great. A South African friend of my housemate took us there. I don’t normally go to Greek restaurants and I don’t know which ones are good. He used to live close to it and was a regular customer. There were 9 of us (4 South Africans and 5 Greeks). What I loved about the place was the fact that it was slightly rough, a family business run by the cook and his daughter being the waitress. It didn’t have a menu and the only option you have is between a vegetarian and a non vegetarian option. The difference between the two is simply the main course (vegetarian moussaka vs meat) since all side dishes (a dozen of them served freely) are vegetarian traditional Greek dishes. We had lots of retsina (white resinated wine) and stayed there for more than three hours. We must have had a bottle each and we laughed so much. I highly recommend this place if you want great food but you don't mind the slightly bad service and decoration.

The last one of our visitors left yesterday. Now, I am back to my normal routine and I’m trying to prepare myself for my exams which will take place the following Saturday, on the 13th of November. Unfortunately, there is nothing else I can think about. With my visitors and everything happening I’ve stopped running and going to the gym. I didn’t have the time or the energy. I’m also eating a lot, taking breaks from studying to nibble on everything there is in the house! I’m getting rounder by the day. In addition, I feel like I’m losing my social skills. It’s like when you watch some hours of TV and you simply can’t sustain a proper conversation. I have to pass my exams the first time I take them because it is bad for my mental and physical health.

On a much happier note, I’m thinking that I’m off to Copenhagen the weekend after. I’ve still haven’t realised that I’m going. I haven’t checked tourist attractions, restaurants, the weather etc as I normally do. I’ll probably do that some days before travelling.


  1. I'm not the biggest fan of having guests. Mostly because I dont have a lot of space, but also because I do not like having my routine messed around. lol.

    OOh, a trip - how exciting. I expect to see pics soon!

  2. Concentrate on your exams. Nothing is more important right now.

  3. @wozzel It depends on the guest. Unfortunately some relatives do not even ask. They just call to say they've booked tickets! Pictures in two weeks time...

    @Cubby I know. I'm getting old though. I can't remember stuff the way I used to...