Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Talk of the town…

In this part of the world, the talk of the town is the upcoming Royal Wedding. In case you haven’t heard about it Prince William is marrying Catherine. They decided after 9 years of being together that they should tie the knot. Good for them.

Unfortunately for us, it is the loudest talk of the town! There is no way you can open a newspaper or TV news and not hear something about it. It is so boring and irritating at the same time! You have Royal specialist talking about the couple and comparing them to Prince Charles and Diana. You have wedding organisers talking about possible guest lists and decorations. You have wedding dress designers speculating about how Kate’s dress might look like! It is getting beyond crazy already.

the happy couple

The Prime Minister must be as happy as the marrying couple, if not more! He might be as ecstatic as the bride’s parents whose dreams to see their little daughter as a princess are coming true! Cameron now got a get-out-of-jail-free card to work on the Budget and his Cuts without making headlines! He should be quick now to announce almost everything he wants and people will pay no attention. It is either now or in April.

Fortunately for us, the actual wedding day, the 29th of April, will be a bank holiday! In theory you have to take part in the celebrations since William will be the next King. However, the wedding will take place on the Friday after the long Easter weekend, so we’re talking about a three day week! It’s all so appealing to just take these three days off and leave from Friday till next Sunday (9 days)!


Speaking of news, I booked my next exam date for the 18th of December. I have 25 days till then (24 if you don’t count that actual date). Funnily enough the exam centre I went last is not available any more as an option, so now I’ll have to commute to the other side of the city! It was a bit dodgy as an exam centre but at least it was close to where I leave and I also knew exactly where it was. Now, I’ll have to search for the new one.


  1. It’s the talk of the world I think...

  2. I would agree with's in the news everyday over here!! At least you get a holiday out of the deal. ;-)

  3. Yeah, we're hearing about it constantly here in the states, so I can imagine what it's like on your side of the pond.

    Good Luck with your exam!

  4. @wozzel there must be more serious stuff to talk about... no?

    @AJohnP Yes, an extra bank holiday is always good. At least the royals help on something... :-)

    @Bobby Thanks.