Monday, 15 November 2010

Didn’t go exactly according to plan…

OK, it’s not easy for me to do, but I have to do it (as embarrassing as it may be). I have to admit to the whole world that I failed on my exams on Saturday! Booo. I was a bit disappointed but to be honest I knew that I had some gaps on certain areas. I managed to get a respectable 48% which was not that far from the passable rate. The problem was that in many cases, I was able to exclude many of the given possible answers and I was left to choose between two. I must have been selecting the wrong ones. If I had tried harder, or had an extra week I would have refined the details in my head and I would have passed (excuses).

Anyway, I will book my next exams for next month and I will pass them then! It will be my Christmas present. It’s very sad I know, but the exam fees are around £200 so that is what I’ll buy myself! Second Boo…

Apart from all that, I had a very nice weekend. We found an amazing cosy pub in a 5 minutes walk from my place this cold Saturday night. Food was really nice and the fireplace kept us happily warm! I tried to drown my sorrow in booze (ok, I’m exaggerating). I discussed my exams with a Java developer. She studied French literature, from all possible things, but found a company that trained her into being a proper developer! (Why can’t I find something like that?) Her daily rate now as a contractor is something astonishing! She told me thought that if she took the exams now she would probably fail since the theory behind it, is so different than what you really use on your everyday work life. That did make me feel slightly better. She also promised to send to me stuff to read related to what I might be asked during interviews. I will send her my CV to forward to her HR. You never know…

During Sunday I was quite lazy. I didn’t do much, apart from running some easy errands and cooking a nice spinach and leek pie. I really do like baking. It had been two weeks since I last went running or to the gym but I couldn’t be bothered. I needed some time to simply waste watching lousy Sunday afternoon TV waiting for the oven to ring that the pie was done. I will pull myself together and get busy again eventually, just not yet…


  1. I believe your friend to be correct. A very long time ago, I took a computer class. We had classroom study - the "history" of computers, blah blah blah - and the lab in which we wrote and executed programming. I aced that part but the book study part (theory) I didn't do too well. Hang in there my handsome friend! Behr Hugs!

  2. A great depression takeaway! Baking...& doing the dough!
    As for me it would be pounding my own spices for coming winter in Kristiansund,Norway.

    don't you worry about failing the exam! you will nail it next month! finger cross

  3. Sorry about your have to try again!

  4. Don't worry too much about it, but don't take too long of a vacation from the books either. It takes the brain some time to absorb all the data you are pouring into it and draw connections among them, and that happens while we sleep. Ever wonder why you have may sometimes have trouble understanding something at night but in the morning it seems so clear? That's why. Give your brain a chance to catch up.

    Did you do any last-minute cramming? I always found that to be counter-productive. Okay, that's my two-cents on that.

    As for the pub, it is super-cozy! Greg and I love to find places like that :-)

  5. Let it pass - you'll get over it. I had to go to remedial tax class when I was at Uni to conquer the finer points of tax law...


  6. @behrmark The things you say to me to make me feel better. :-)

    @Suf_n_Steve You're off to Norway now? You do move a lot! Yes, baking is a nice way to relax...

    @SteveA Thanks. :-)

  7. @Cubby Thanks for that. You're right. The last evening before the exams, I went through some stuff. I don't think it was counter productive or very productive either...
    I'll soon dive into my books again to be 100% sure I'll succeed the next time...

    @MadeInScotland Thanks.

  8. Sorry to hear about the exams, but that just means that next time you'll go out there and kill it! (that's a good thing)
    Keep us posted... :-)

  9. @AJohnP Thanks. It's OK. Yes, I'll kill it next time.

  10. Better luck next time Nik - I'm sure you'll nail it. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that the offer re the CV yields something good :-)

  11. @Mike Thanks on all accounts. :-)