Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cats and Jobs…

I’ve mentioned that on Friday I had a telephone interview with a major IT company. The interview went fairly well and I found out the same evening that I was accepted for the job (yay) but for a smaller rate (boo). The offer was to match my current salary! They simply said that they can train me in areas that I don’t have any commercial experience on. For that, they think that I should stay in the salary range I currently am!

To be honest, I was seriously thinking about it. That company would be a ticket way out from the position I am now. They could provide in the long run the opportunity to advance. The company I am now is not doing very well after the governmental budget cuts. It is also so small, that no real promotions can happen. The guy in the next cubicle to mine was promoted to a senior developer role but he is still doing the exact same things as before with no development team of his own.

The reason that stopped me from accepting the role is the location of that company. It is located in a small town of 20,000 people, 1 hour and a half away from London during the week or a little bit more than 2 hours during the weekend. The train company website informed me that no direct trains run during the weekends. If I accepted the role I would have to relocate. I would then spend so much money in train tickets that I would be in a much worse financial situation than I am now!

I calculated of course that rents and everyday life is much cheaper there than in London that might compensate for the train tickets. However, I decided that I can’t become Daffyd, ‘the only gay in the village’, not having a life during the week. Poor JJ even suggested moving with me there but of course I didn’t want to make him do something like that. I might have made the wrong decision but I believe that I can find something better in London or another a little bit more urban place. I don’t mind staying in the same salary range if it means I can invest for my future, but I want that to be done in slightly better terms…

That was the dilemma I was in until yesterday! My job agent was very keen (of course) of sending me there! He sent me large emails with expenses calculated for someone living in London or in the small town.

I tried to explain all that to Berlioz but he didn’t really give me any good advice! He was just looking at me meowing. I have the impression though that he meowed more when I was telling him that I can’t leave JJ and the life I have now here.

Berlioz is the cat of ‘gb’ that I baby sited a bit on Saturday. He was away for the weekend, so I popped for a small visit and I kept Berlioz company. He was a bit stressed over the fireworks. After all the talking I did about my problems, I think he was happy to see my go. Poor thing…


  1. Eh. I know the feeling. Will you continue interviewing? Cheers on getting an offer, though!

  2. Good on you for being cognizant the cons to the situation. It would have been nice if the pros had outweighed though. Fingers crossed for another opportunity! And Behr Hugs!

  3. Wow. That must have been a difficult decision to make. I'm glad you're happy with the choice :)

    That cat is so cute. Thinking of getting one yourselves?

  4. Shouldn't you be concentrating on your exams right now?

  5. @Gauss_Jordan. Yes, I will. I need a change. I really need to do something new...

    @Behrmark Thanks!

    @wozzel It was a difficult choice to make. It's not like I have other offers at the moment. We'll see how it goes.
    I don't think we'll get a cat yet. I do like them but not now.

    @Cubby You're the voice of my conscience

  6. sounds to me like you should stay in london. i'm sure a better offer is going to turn up. hang in there!

    you don't wanna be the only gay in the village...lol

  7. I agree with Luuworld. I think you made the right decision and a better offer that will work in your favor will come.

    Even though I'm allergic to them, that's a cute cat!

    Good Luck and I hope all is well.

  8. @Luuworld Thanks. I'm sure something will come up (eventually). :-)

    @Bobby Thanks. Yes, the cat although it looks like something James Bond's arch-enemy would have, is cute.