Friday, 5 November 2010

News Update…

It’s already Friday! YAY! Time does fly when you’re busy… The only night I did something different this week was yesterday, when I went to the gym! I am such a party person, I know. The rest of the week I spent at home trying to study or at the library trying to study. Unfortunately, working on a laptop, trying to solve mock exams or writing pieces of code means that you are too close to opening facebook (for a little while), checking your emails / blogs / news (for a little while) or even playing ‘Command and Conquer’ again (for a little bit longer).

The latter is the reason I go to the library to study. I feel embarrassed not studying in the library, although I have seen all sorts of people doing all sorts of stuff there. I’ve seen people playing games and I’ve heard people snore. I still haven’t seen people checking porn on the free internet but I think it’s a matter of time. What I find a bit weird is the fact that the study room is located on the open upper floor in proximity to the entrance (noise) and to the children’s playroom (more noise)! I really have to congratulate the architect who designed it. He must have been a true genius, mastering his course of function design.

Anyway, my great news for today is the fact that I have a telephone interview later today for a new job I’ve applied to. I don’t want to jinx it, so I am not going to say much at this moment. I’ll see how it goes first. It’s a position that I find amazingly interesting. The downside is the fact that they are not located in London, hence the telephone interview, and in case I get it (fingers crossed) I might have to move or find temporary accommodation in a nice small town in the country side. I haven’t thought of how that might work yet but I need to sort the first interview first.

So, wish me luck…

PS. Don’t tell anyone I’m looking for a new job. They don’t know yet…


  1. May the Grace from God provide you the joyous news.

    We are glad to hear that news! With tough Economics situation in England and EU in general.

    We wish you luck dear!

  2. Good luck on the phone interview. I have my fingers crossed for you.

  3. @Suf_n_Steve @Cubby thank you guys. The phone interview went OKish, not bad, not extremely well. We'll see what they say from the feedback.