Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The most boring person of the world

Lately, that is how I feel. I am constantly distant, unwilling to do things or go places. I always have this dark cloud about me called ‘exams’. I’ve already had a dream / nightmare about it yesterday. I keep saying it is just 10 more days (oh my god! So soon?) that will pass quickly. Fortunately I have the support of my friends and‘JJ’. No, they haven’t organised night outs, theatre plays or cinema (have you spotted my sarcastic tone?).
No, no. I’m only joking. They’ve been great.

So, I will simply leave you with the lovely Garfield and I will spare you from my presence (for now):


  1. reading your blog reminds me of what i love about the internet! it's so nice to get sneak peaks into other people's every day life. keep blogging. and from what i've read, i don't think you're a boring person.

  2. Nik, you need to relax and concentrate on what's truly important in life: the new Harry Potter film. It opens in London on Nov. 11. Are you going?

  3. Sometimes being bored is ok...we all need to wind down and recharge our batteries once in awhile. I hope all is well otherwise!

  4. @Luuworld. Wow. Thanks a lot for that! That so kind of you to say

    @Cubby I know. I'm sorry. I forgot HP! I think it opens in London at the 18th! Of course I'll go and watch it. I've watched all of the them in the cinema!

    @Bobby Thanks. All is well here. :-)

  5. You're already one day closer to being finished! There, wasn't that easy!?!?!? ;-)