Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Something unexpected…

After I finished work yesterday, I met ‘hm’ for a coffee in Hammersmith. There’s now a new amazing German bakery that I adore. It’s the lovely smell of freshly baked bread that reminds me of my childhood. There was a bakery on the way to my primary school and I used to walk in front of it, early in the morning, daily. There’s nothing nicer than warm, fresh bread.

Anyway, after the coffee we decided to walk around in the High Street. Totally unexpected, I found stuff to buy for my family! I even managed to find something to buy for my father, who is not the easiest person when it comes to buying gifts! He finds clothes a boring gift to get but it’s not like he has any particular hobbies. He likes reading history books but not in English so I can’t find something here. He doesn’t smoke (thankfully), play any sport or follow any specific team.

What I bought him is food! I found things not easily found in Greece like onion chutney, duck pâté, chilli jam (he loves spicy food) and garlic pickles, which I think he’ll like. I didn’t buy any Marmite. I don’t think he’s ever tried it and I doubt he’ll like it. It’s probably not the most exciting gift ever, but I think that it’s not that bad. I think it’s something nicer than socks or a shirt.

What’s totally unexpected was the fact that I finished my Christmas shopping! I’m done for this year and it’s not even December! That has NEVER happened. I usually run out of time and I try to rush to get something the final days. I don’t think I’m that great when it comes to presents and I definitely don’t like shopping in crowded shops. I also don’t have an eye for brands that other people like. I seldom go for expensive trendy brands. That gay gene hasn’t properly developed in me like some of my gay friends. I’m the practical kind.


  1. Did you say - finished Christmas shopping? Wow - i am starting this weekend!

  2. @SteveA Good luck... I've been extremely lucky...