Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Situations change…

OK, first of all. My pie yesterday was a huge success. You can find the recipe here. The only thing I changed was the fact that I added some spring onions and leeks. I’ve added them together with the spinach to steam. I don’t like adding oil to the pie to make it lighter. I’ve only added some dill, parsley, pepper and two eggs for flavour. A spoon of flour was only needed to obtain the water.


On a different matter, my housemate just returned from a weekend in Greece. She told me that the situation there and people’s habitudes changed. Greeks used to behave differently. In the past, they were more extravagant when going out, not caring about overspending if they were having a really good time with friends. It was considered shameful in a way to pay attention to pennies. For example, when friends met to go out for dinner, there was a small battle when the bill arrived about who will pay for everybody else first. It might seem weird, but that’s the way it used to be…

Now, things are different. People do not leave tips any more in restaurants and bars. They don’t go out that often and they pay attention to the groceries they buy. That change was about to happen following the recent developments of Greece’s economy. It happened gradually there but for those of us, like me, visiting Greece from time to time, it can be shocking. There are so many closed stores on the streets and there is a melancholic atmosphere everywhere. Misery…

Ok, it's not always funny, but sometimes it can be...

I want to be optimistic though. Recently Qatar announced that an Emir would like to buy the location where the old Athens International airport used to be to build a small airport for Lear jets, luxurious Hotels and shopping centres. Also, the Chinese Prime Minister visited the country declaring that he would like to buy and build a new harbour outside Athens. They plan to create a new Hellenic-Chinese Nautical Institute.

I am not sure that these investments are the best (environmental friendly) way to get the country out of recession. I would prefer to see the area of the old Athens airport changed into a metropolitan Park as first planed. The city definitely needs a new area of green. However, these investments will lower the unemployment rates, bring foreign currency to the country and help increase trade. There could be some light at the end of the tunnel… Only time can tell though.

let's pray, it isn't


  1. 1 serious word for Greece!

    FDI - foreign direct investment.

  2. Things don't sound too encouraging in Greece. I haven't seen the end of tips here in America yet, but I don't think it's too far away.

  3. I've always wanted to visit Greece. If the world was a safer place maybe more Euorpeans/Americans would feel comfortable vacationing in Greece to help with the economy. I don't know what the answer is.

  4. @Suf_N_Steve That's 3 words... :-p

    @Cubby At least now there is hope that foreign investments might help... We'll see...

    @behrmark It's a beautiful place to go on holidays! I don't think that if you'll decide to go there as a tourist you'll have a problem. Apart from an occasional strike now and then. It hasn't really changed for the touristic destinations. People working there, see these differences...