Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My recent life in numbers

1 is the number of courses I have left to finish my Java course. After that, I want to spend at least 2 more weeks studying before I take the exams (they are not that cheap). I have lots of things to cover and Java is not that easy. One of my classmates (in his forties working as a freelancer software engineer for many years) told me: “I hate Java. It’s like being a dyslectic compared to other, more elegant, languages like Pearl. However, it is really needed. You can’t easily find work without it.” That somehow gave me courage that I am doing the right thing. (I have to study though)

is the number of nights we will spend end of November in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have never been there but I wanted a trip after I finish the whole Java saga. I want to take JJ away to make it up to him for being constantly tired and whining lately. I have also been unavailable a lot either at class or at the library studying. I believe Copenhagen is beautiful and I hope that it will be nicely decorated for Christmas by then. We found a nice hotel near the centre.

10 is the number of kilometres I will run this Sunday in Victoria Park to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK. I have managed to raise the money I wanted and I managed to train a bit (not much). My last long run was this Friday from JJ’s place to mine. The distance was 10.7 kilometres which I finished in a little bit over an hour and 5 minutes. That wasn’t my best time, but it was Friday after work and I was tired. I had to climb two nice steep rail bridges on the way. I also managed to freak out when I almost stepped on a massive toad at a dark part of a road.

21 is the number of kilometres I’d like to run on my next half marathon in 2011. I wasn’t accepted in the Virgin London Marathon, so I will register for another run somewhere else. I’m talking with JJ to find a nice race outside London so we can combine a nice weekend away as well. We have something in mind and we want to double confirm the dates and everything before applying.

72 is the number of days (Google counter) till my already booked Christmas holidays. I plan to go to Greece to my parents, see my friends, devour huge amounts of food and do nothing for more than a week. JJ will also go to South Africa to his parents. It will be fun to go back. I love spending Christmas with them… I even start my Chrismas shopping ealry this year.


  1. My best 10k was 47m48s. When I was at my peak of fitness.


  2. @MadeInscotland I did 1h 8mins last year. It's no good but at least I'm happy I did it. It's the first time in my life I'm being that active and I am constantly getting better.

  3. I dream of going to Denmark, ever since I read Hamlet the first time. LOL, it's true! Have fun there.

  4. @Cubby Thanks. I'll take pictures to show you.

  5. 10k - not something I've got to yet but I hope to soon. Really good that you can do it at all after work. I feel sloightly jealous!

    I totally understand the demands of study on your free time and on your relationship; I'll be blogging about tha ttoo - and I think a trip to Copenhagen (which I agree is beautiful) is a really nice way to spend time with JJ - and for you to relax!

  6. @Mike I've tried going running after I wake up before work but I simply can't! I struggle a lot and I feel miserable...
    Yes, I think you must have started your course now as well. That might be even more demanding! Good luck