Thursday, 7 October 2010

Your country needs you!

That is probably one of the scariest phrases ever used. I have it related with times of war, when ultimate sacrifices have to be made in the name of the nation. I instinctively think of World War II, bombings, sirens, hunger and depression.

That is the phrase that the British Prime Minister said yesterday to ask for people’s support on the economic crisis. He mentioned that there are tough times ahead of us and that everybody should do their bit to help the country! He believes that people should start feeling united and willing to help their country in time of need. He also implies that people shouldn’t complain (go on strike) but accept the situation and be patient when funding is cut or jobs are lost.

However, how far from the truth is he? Are the cuts that he is proposing justified? Are they going to be beneficial in the long term or not? Are the measures proposed too little or too late?

Of course, don’t expect me to answer these questions. Only time will tell. What I can’t personally understand is the fact that one day they mention they will cut /reduce child benefits from families and the other day it is mentioned that bank bonuses will ‘fall’ to £5bn! Notice that ‘fall’ bit. Last year it was £5.3bn. These people expected bonuses up to £7bn ($11.1bn) this year, so they are naturally a little bit disappointed… However, I think that some billion pounds can be used to save the economy, especially if the situation is so grim that it seems like ‘wartime’.

OK, I may be too na├»ve, simple minded or ignorant of the games being played or the situation. In the situation the PM is in, there is not much he can say when addressing the people. That phrase can also imply that we managed to overcome difficult times in the past, so we will overcome this one as well. There is a small hint of hope talking about unity or common purposes…

I might even be repeating myself, tiring you about economics. However, I think that ‘London Underground’ and ‘British Airways’ should be privatised and that the ‘benefits mentality’ of adolescent pregnancies or chronic unemployment should be dealt with…


Anyway, I leave you with a shocking story I also heard today. Meet Clara Meadmore. She’s 107, one of the oldest women of Britain. She must have been through and have seen so much! What’s so different about her is that she is a virgin! Yes, she is. When she was young sex was only allowed after been married and she never did. Talking about a dry spell… And some people are complaining about it…


  1. no offence. and kudos to Clara... but really. she needs to get laid.

    i'm not offering to help though :-o

  2. Clara looks happy. I hope she keeps her virginity. If she found out now what she's been missing, she'd probably drop dead from regret.

  3. @wozzel show some respect. She was born at 1903! Also, having sex now would probably kill her...

    @Cubby true...

  4. For me I think Kylie.

    You're DISCO needs you!


  5. SO she never had a penis up her hoo-haw. Not such a big deal. I hope for her sake she learned how to reach orgasm!

  6. @MadeInScotland... well said. Well said...

    @tornwordo. I don't think you're supposed to ask a 107 year old something like that... What if she never had an orgasm and you have to explain?