Thursday, 7 October 2010

It’s all a state of mind…

Weekly, I pack my nice gym bag and I head with my co-worker and friend ‘gb’ to the city center to have a gym session with our personal trainer. Our ‘pt’ is a lovely guy. We’ve been training with him for over a year now (time flies so fast). However, each time we go there, he is utterly destroying us!

I know it for a fact that I will be so exhausted at the end of the session that I will have difficulties getting undressed, shower my hair and getting back dressed at the gym, since I will not be able to raise my arms. I will also feel every step of the tube stairs while crawling back home. I also know that because there is no time to stretch, I will be in pain for the next couple days. Unfortunately, the gym closes early and because of work, we have ‘pt’ quite late. Also ‘gb’ thinks that we shouldn’t be paying him to help us simply stretch!

With everything else that’s been going on in my life, I’ve been having quite a busy schedule. Just the thought of going to the gym with ‘pt’, makes me moody. That unwillingness of course make the sessions even harder. I know that it is very vital to have a positive thinking when it comes to exercise. Just trying to put a smile on your face and keep repeating to yourself “I can this, I can do this” can help you do these extra miles you’ve always wanted to do…

It’s just sometimes very difficult to put that smile on your face.

So, I plan to make changes. I’ll talk to ‘gb’ and ‘pt’. I’ll tell them that since now we’ve been doing this combination of exercises, you know when between sets of an exercise, you do something else to confuse your muscles, we do almost all muscle groups really quickly. We can make some time for stretches! I have thought of stopping exercising altogether with ‘pt’, but I wouldn’t really like it. I’ve made so much progress the last year him. But I need to get my groove and determination back. I need to enjoy going to the gym and not feel it like a torture…


  1. there is always yoga! best for strechting after gym sessions :)

  2. A very brief stretch after each exercise might help. I've read doing that improves circulation plus helps the muscle grow, and I’ve found it helpful to incorporate it into my workout. If you don't stretch at all you risk serious injury, so I'm not sure why your trainer doesn't make that part of your session. Usually just a few minutes will loosen things up.

  3. @wozzel. I know. I never tried it... I should...

    @Westopher. 'gb' is the one insisting that we shouldn't lose precious time with the personal trainer and that we should do it on our own (which we never do).

  4. Nik,
    I know exactly what you mean (and trust me as you get older it hurts more). I've been seeing my trainer for over a year now - actually will be seeing him later today. Each time he destroys me, but I go back because workouts with him are so much more intense than the ones I have on my own. I think working in stretching is a good idea. I try to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to do the pre-workout stretch on my own.

    Good luck -

  5. @BosGuy yes, pre-working stretching! that might help... Thanks...
    Probably we all are closeted masochist...