Friday, 22 October 2010


Yesterday was theatre night for us and we went to see ‘Shirley Valentine’. I love the movie, so I thought that the play would be good. Fortunately the adaptation was very close to the movie script. Meera Syal playing Shirley is truly amazing.

The very interesting thing is that the whole play is one large monologue. There is only the actress playing Shirley, telling the stories and mimicking the rest of the characters. But she is doing it so well. If I knew it beforehand I might have been a bit worried about getting bored. Meera was truly captivating though! For example on the first act, she talks about the woman’s clitoris while actually cooking eggs and chips on stage! It was hilarious…

Having an adaption following the successful movie script however can be bad since no new elements have been added and you end up eating reheated food. Very good food, but reheated none the less.

Ultimately, I loved it. I had a really nice time and I enjoyed the play very much.


  1. The idea of cooking in the middle of a performance, with the audience being able to see it, and more importantly, smell it, is very exciting to me. It makes the audience members more like participants than observers. What a great element to incorporate into live theater.

  2. @Cubby. Yes, it was quite funny / interesting / nice. I made me slightly hungry though...