Friday, 22 October 2010

End of World delayed…

Isn’t this disappointing?

According to this, the interpretation of the Mayan calendar was not done correctly. That means that the World will NOT end on the 12.12.12! I repeat it will not end. What a bummer. So many people were looking forward to it!

At least the Calendar is correct. Our interpretation was wrong...

Some of us even watched the movie called ‘2012’ (I’m so very sorry for that) and were doing preparations for the day what the Earth would stop turning. I have some friends that are planning of taking lessons on how to fly small planes with simulations on Earthquake take offs. Landings are not really needed…

I’m really hoping they can come with a different date. 06.06.06 would also be cool but that date passed with no major events…

Any other ideas?

I hope you have a really nice weekend. xxx


  1. Shew! What a relief. So, they have not figured out which date is the correct one then? lol

  2. @wozzel No, of course not. Do you think they will?

  3. i hope not. haha.

    i dont like the idea of people messing around with stuff like this. AND - i dont really believe that anyone knows when the world will end. And if they do - dont tell me - i want to enjoy my time on earth, not live freaked out because i only have x ammount of time left!